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Lululemon out, Gymshark in!

Buying new gym clothes=motivation to actually go to the gym more often. If you’re looking to upgrade your most basic workout clothes, then Gymshark athletic wear is definitely the brand for you! The entire clothing line consists of shorts, underwear/socks, sports bras, swimwear, t-shirts/tops, and hoodies/jackets. They provide complimentary style and comfort for completing any type of workout, along with affordable prices that will fit your budget. I love wearing their leggings because of their inner knit-feel material and they also make me feel confident while exercising at the gym. By design, they show off curves and highlight all the right parts of a woman’s body. Crush your intense workout with a super cute Gymshark outfit!

Gymshark leggings that are worth checking out include:

Fit Leggings (black/white) $25.20 via Gymshark website 

Energy Seamless High Waisted Leggings (pastel lilac) $27.00 via Gymshark website

Ark Jersey Leggings $28.00 (deep plum) via Gymshark website

Flex Cropped Leggings (khaki/sand) $36.00 via Gymshark website

Dreamy Leggings (peach/coral) $42.00 via Gymshark website

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