How to Wake Up Feeling Rested

I know I cannot be the only person who struggles with being comfortable sleeping places away from home. Last year, as a freshman, I remember having this same issue during the first few months of school. After countless nights spent tossing and turning, I finally made it a priority to figure out how I could sleep better. Whether you are having trouble adjusting to a new space or just do not sleep well in general, these tips will have you on your way to feeling fully rested in no time. 


Set a Bedtime and Stick to it

I know that it seems impossible to go to bed at the same time everyday but I promise with time and discipline it will pay off. When I first read about it I thought it was the silliest thing, I was like, “Why do I need a bedtime? I’m not seven.” However, after finally setting a 10pm bedtime for myself on weekdays I have noticed that I fall asleep faster and feel more refreshed in the morning. Your bedtime doesn’t have to be 10pm, the important thing is just to be consistent. Often times I even wake up a couple minutes before my alarm, which is awesome because I’d rather die than hear that horrific sound.


No Screen Time One Hour Before Bed

Before I started this bedtime ritual, I would lay in bed at night spending hours just scrolling through social media platforms. I thought sooner or later I would get tired and fall asleep but then it’s 2am and there I am, still scrolling. Eventually, I caved and notified all my important contacts that I would be putting my phone away at a reasonable time every night. At first I tried to just leave my phone charging on my bedside table but we all know how that goes. Once you hear the vibrate, it’s over. So learning from my own personal experiences, I now charge my phone on my desk away from my bed. Side note: I accounted for this hour when setting my bedtime, so technically I put my phone away and get into bed at 10pm, hoping to be sleeping by 11pm. 


Drinking Bedtime Tea or taking Magnesium 

If you're anything like me, the reason behind the sleepless nights is mostly due to anxiety. Over the years I have accumulated countless coping methods but nothing relaxes me more than a warm cup of mint flavored tea right before bed. (A trick for people who don’t really like tea is to add an insane amount of honey). I have also recently started taking magnesium before bed, particularly on nights that I feel most anxious. About an hour after taking it, I feel less stressed and ready to fall asleep.