How To Get Out of a Funk

Everyone is susceptible to getting in a bad mood, but sometimes a bad moment can sabotage the entire day or become the catalyst for a series of unfortunate events to occur throughout the week. With that said, we all get in funks from time-to-time, and I have been in enough to figure out how to get out of them or to decrease the duration of them as quickly as possible.


Find Distractions

Most times when I am in a funk, I am either unmotivated or overwhelmed, most likely both. When this happens, I tend to gravitate towards different types of media to help me not think about whatever is upsetting me. TV shows have always been a reliable source of comfort or escapism when needed, however, it can become the main reason behind my procrastination. Whatever makes you happy, do more of it and it will definitely increase your chances of getting out of a funk.


Take a shower

Seems simple enough, but taking a shower, washing your hair, and indulging in extensive skincare can do wonders for your mental health. Sometimes all we need is to splash some water in our face for that extra boost of endorphins and energy. I also love taking baths when I need to de-stress. While I only stay in for less than twenty minutes, that time spent alone doing nothing, helps me become more connected and present. 


Talk to People

Personally, whenever I am in a bad mood I try not to verbalize my feelings as much because I truly believe the energy you put out is what will be received back to you. However, it is important to talk to the people in your life that may be able to provide advice or reassurance. I also love to journal when I need to gather my thoughts, but I know that is not always effective for everybody. Sometimes, instead of complaining about how bad my day was or everything that is going wrong in my life, I verbalize the good things. I’ve learned that positive affirmations are effective and while they are not an instant fix it does put you on the right path.


Stop stressing about every little inconvenience

I am completely aware that when you’re already in a bad mood, any little thing can set you over the edge. In these moments, I always remind myself that it doesn't matter, tomorrow is a new day, and just like everything else I have endured in life, I will get through this as well. It is not about the cards you're dealt, but how you play the hand. Life is too short to allow yourself to get in a bad mood over every little annoyance because life is full of them; it's just part of the package. Learn to appreciate the small inconveniences that you stress about so much now because one day you are going to wish you had the problems you currently complain about. 


Ride it out 

While nobody wants to hear this, the simplest cure to get out of a funk is just waiting it out. Sometimes I just can't shake the feeling, and it paralyzes me all day, but as long as I reassure myself that these feelings are ephemeral I can remain optimistic for what the future holds. When all else fails, time may be the only cure.


Nobody likes being in a funk, but with spring upon us, I hope you are able to find a fresh new wave of hope and optimism because good things are on the horizon.


Thanks for reading, V