To the girl who hides her tears; It's okay to cry

The first thing I do when I start to cry is say sorry.


I don’t know when I started doing it or why but every single time I show some emotion that isn’t happiness, I apologize for it. The more I started to realize myself doing it, the more I started hearing my friends doing it too. Every time someone gets angry or upset they apologize for it. We all do it!


We build up this wall around our hearts because we are afraid of getting hurt and bury our emotions deep inside us so that we can hide our “weak” side to the world.



Everyone has emotions whether they admit to it or not. Some people express them a lot more than others, but that is not anything to be ashamed of! Emotions are beautiful.


You are beautiful when you let yourself feel things, it’s SO valuable. Your honest and genuine unscripted reaction to something shows just how delicate and pure your heart really is. And if you feel like you can’t express what you are feeling around someone, please kick them out of your life.


Surround yourself with friends and family who love you for who you are no matter how sad, angry, worried, or happy you are.



Remember that the more your heart breaks the stronger you get. We learn something from every challenging situation we go through. We grow into even more empowering, intelligent, brave, and beautiful people.


Never apologize for any of your feelings. Some people fall in love quicker, some people get their hearts broken easier, and some people get angry at things while others get sad. That is what makes people stand out. It is what makes you, YOU!


So to the girl who hides her tears; I promise you it is okay to cry.