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If you are new to quality alone time, start in small increments! There are no rules for how to be by yourself, and no time restrictions. I started with setting a 5 minute timer, no phone, no computer, nothing. Just me, myself and I. You can learn a lot about yourself when you detach from technology. Do this everyday, as many times as you feel you need or want, and you’ll notice how quickly the 5 minutes starts to go by. 

One of the best things I have found that helps me feel refreshed during and after time alone is cleaning up my room. The act of cleaning and straightening up provides a physical feeling of “getting it together” and gives you a clean slate for when you have to start life again. Cleaning up after yourself is also a form of self-care. You are taking time to care for yourself and your belongings, and you are making your environment healthier. If you are new to getting comfortable hanging out with yourself, this is a good way to start. You are constantly busy while cleaning, so your brain cannot wander too much.

Alone time is also a great chance to do some self-reflection. Self-reflection does not have to be a bad thing! Take some time to write down all of the things in your life that you are grateful for, things you believe you are good at, areas where you could improve, and things you’re looking forward to. This is important for grounding yourself in the midst of life. You should do these check-in’s with yourself every so often to give yourself credit for all the hard work you do everyday, and also discover where you may be falling short.

Meditation is something I will always swear by, even though I am guilty of not always staying with it. Meditating helps with your focus and memory, as well as reduces anxiety and extra, unnecessary brain activity. Sometimes, we find ourselves not being able to relax or calm down after something that makes us nervous, and meditating is something that could help with that. Some of my favorite ways to meditate are to find a good hertz frequency that aligns with what you believe you need help with, and to find somewhere comfortable to sit and close your eyes. I prefer to meditate after I workout, or sometimes in the morning to get relaxed and mentally prepared for the day. I have also discovered incense recently, which has changed the whole game of meditating for me. They’re incredibly cheap, and you can purchase them at most smoke shops. 

Speaking of buying yourself some incense, take yourself out! Head over to your favorite cafe or restaurant and buy yourself whatever you desire. Go on a walk somewhere with amazing views. Go to a playground and swing on the swings (you grow up and forget how enjoyable this can be). Going on a date with yourself means you get to do EXACTLY what you want to do! What’s better than that??

It’s important to spend the time you have by yourself wisely, and not focused on others. Too often, we take the only time we have to ourselves to scroll through social media indefinitely, think about what we have to do next, or overthink anything and everything. Setting some sort of intention for your time alone will help you receive the most benefits from it. Lastly, remember, being alone does not mean you have to be lonely!

Kaitlyn Peppler

Illinois State '23

Hey! My name is Kaitlyn Peppler, and I am so excited to be with Her Campus. I am all about self-love, self-care, and the bittersweet truth, so if you need a little bit of that, I'm your girl!
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