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6 Things You Don’t Need to Apologize For

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

Do you ever find yourself in an endless loop of apologizing? Or just simply feeling drained from committing to too much? Well, me too. 

Over-working and over-exerting yourself can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being, sometimes ending in serious mental breakdowns. These are just a few things that I’ve tried in the past couple of months of avoiding any possible breakdowns, that might be of use if you find yourself in the same situation. 

Not Instantly Replying To Texts/Calls Or Emails

Considering that most of the world has moved online lately, it can get overwhelming to stay on top of all of those emails and text messages. It’s okay to unapologetically take your time to reply so that you don’t get stressed or end up committing to something you are not ready for. 

Saying “No” Or How You Really Feel

Verbalizing your feelings or saying “no” to things that you know cause you stress is actually one of the first steps to taking care of yourself. There is absolutely no reason for you to apologize for things that make you feel distressed or uneasy. Relentlessly disagreeing to spend your time stressing and overworking will help you better prioritize your tasks and can make you more productive. 

Prioritizing Yourself And Your Mental Health

Sometimes I find myself wanting to please others and forgetting to take time and love for myself too. Closely related to getting over-worked and not being able to say “no,” not prioritizing time for myself and things that I like to do makes it harder for me to really enjoy some days. One thing I would recommend for those struggling to create me-time is to never be sorry for being the one going home early or not being able to always be around for others. You need to learn how to put yourself and your mental health first before you can go out and really have fun. 

Being Emotional And Having Feelings

I, personally, am the type of person who does not cry very quickly. But I want to emphasize that one should not apologize for being too emotional or reacting things differently than others. It is equally as okay to cry at the end of a classic rom-com or emotional pet commercials. It is absolutely unnecessary to explain how and what you are feeling. 

Asking Questions When You Don’t Understand Something

One thing to always remember is that you are probably not the only one who has that question. I don’t know whether we feel guilty asking the same question again or if we’re only shy, but asking for clarity to better understand something is what teachers and mentors are for. Otherwise how would be any different from manufactured robots feeding on the information. 

Anyone Else’s Behavior But Your Own

When you are stuck thinking about how to handle an argument, the last thing you need to do is find explanations for other people’s behavior. Trying to get a hold of yourself and worrying about how you behave is work enough. Whether it’s a friendship, relationship, or even family, setting boundaries between what you need to take liability for is very important for your mental health. 

It is always easier said than done. There are so many things people will advise you to do, but doing what helps you the best is what you need. These were just some things that I need in order to work and maybe some of you might need it too. 

With this article we will end the mental health week at HCICU but we frequently publish “self-help” articles, so be on the look out!

Kavya Sharma

ICU (Japan) '24

Is always listening to music and never paying attention. But tends to get around with things :)
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