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How to Make a Acai Bowl Like a Pro in a Dorm

Acai Bowls are the perfect snack for a hot sunny day. After a long hike with friends or a fun day at the beach with my family, I always crave for a cold and refreshing acai bowl. I would travel around Oahu to find the best acai bowl, but I wanted to learn how to make it myself. After trial and error at home and learning from my job how they make acai bowls, I have found a foolproof acai recipe. It is so easy to make, and it tastes delicious. The best part about Acai is that you can make it in your dorm. 


1.) Add frozen strawberries, half of a fresh banana, and the liquid in the blender. Blend until there are no strawberry chunks. 

2.) Add two açaí packs into the blender. Blend well until it is smooth but with a thick consistency. 

(If it is too liquidy, add more strawberries to make it thicker. If you notice the Acai is not blending, add another a quarter of a banana or until it is a smooth consistency. )

3.) Once the Acai is blended well, pour it into a bowl.

4.) Add the granola first, next to the fruits, then honey, and lastly, put the coconut flakes on to prevent the coconut from becoming soggy. 


This recipe is foolproof to make the perfect açaí bowl like the ones in restaurants. You can mix it up and add different fruits and toppings such as blueberries, papaya, pineapple, mango, raspberries, chocolate chips, a scoop of peanut butter, or chia seeds. You can decorate the bowl with the toppings and do not forget to take pictures. Please tag us at @HPUhercampus or use the hashtag #HPUhercampus to show us your amazing creation. 


Level: Easy 

Total: 10 min 

Yield: 1 serving 


2packs of frozen Acai

1 cup of frozen strawberries 

1 1/2 banana

1 cup soy-milk, almond milk, coconut milk or apple juice 

1 cup of granola 

1 fresh strawberry 

2 tablespoons of honey 

2 tablespoons of roasted coconut flakes 

Julia Matsumoto is the Co-Presedent and Marketing for the Hawaii Pacific University Her Campus Chapter. She will graduate in 2022 with a major in Communication and Mass Communication.
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