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Tips for Getting Your Body Summer Ready



When warm weather rolls around, everyone wants to wear less and hit the beach. To make sure you’re the best-looking babe in the sand, here’s a few tips to getting summer ready:


Find a gym where you feel comfortable

Being a member of the gym everyone from school goes to may not be for you. Gyms can make us lesser athletic folk feel overwhelmed and body conscious in a room full of six packs. Before committing to a gym, do some research and take a trial period if you can.  


Mentally prepare

Going to the gym isn’t fun if all you really want to do is lay in bed with an ice cream sundae. (We’ve all been there). It works better when you don’t just quit cold turkey. Start by making a schedule for yourself. Put a picture of Halle Berry or Michelle Obama on your wall as motivation to be the best woman you can be.


Grab a workout buddy

It could be your best friend, your roommate, or even your mom; Just someone reliable who you feel comfortable and motivated around. Having someone waiting for you is a good way to force yourself out of bed. When the day’s over, they also make a good selfie & smoothie buddy.


Eat healthy

It’s a no brainer that eating healthy can be difficult with the temptation of pizza always around. Do some research on healthy diets and pick one that best matches your lifestyle.


Have a backup plan

Summer is a week away and you haven’t hit the gym once in three months. Now what? Here’s a fool proof plan to getting toned!


Lead Image: Pexels

Jordyn Fields is a current sophomore at Howard University and a Social Media Intern for Her Campus. When she's not writing she's shopping, eating and taking pictures of the former. Find her on twitter (@fearlessly_J) and Instagram (@jordyn_b_ ).
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