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Lights, Camera, Action: 10 Howard Vloggers to Look Out For In 2018

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Kiara Nelson | Her Channel

Kiara Nelson is a sophomore, TV/Film major, electronic studio minor from Ullin, Illinois. Her channel’s content is targeted towards college students with an emphasis on HBCUs, natural hair tutorials, and day vlogs!

Follow her on Instagram (@ki.nelson), Twitter(@KiaraLynne__), and Snapchat (@kibekey)

Check out her featured video, College Vlog– First Week of Classes/ Spring 2018


S.T Productions | Their Channel

Stefan Bunbury is a freshman, Communications major from Brooklyn, NY and Taj Slaughter is a freshman, International Business major from Boston, MA. Although the two both attended Howard during the Fall of 2017, Stefan Bunbury has moved back to New York and is continuing his educational pursuits at the University of Albany. While filming content in two different states, the duo is doing a great job of expanding their brand! Their content is composed of vlogs and communicating with their school’s respective communities with intriguing questions.

Follow them on Instagram(@stef_glory) and (@taj_da_gr8) and Snapchat (@stef.glory) and (@taijaisuper)

Check out their featured video, Does Size Matter at Howard University?


Mami Tiff | Her Channel

    Tiffany Hunt is a freshman, broadcast journalism major from Bridgewater, New Jersey. Her content is intended to educate the viewers about something new, as well being entertaining. She wants her channel to be a place where people can come to unwind, relax, and forget about the craziness in their lives. Her videos consist of storytimes, challenges, natural hair tutorials, and advice

Follow her on Instagram (@_mamitiff_ ), Snapchat (@naynay9771), and Twitter(@_MamiTiff_)

Check out her featured video, Storytime: I Met The Side Chick


#BlackGirlsYoutubeToo | Her Channel

    Judayah Murray is a GRADUATING senior, broadcast journalism major, graphic design minor from New Hartford, New York. Judayah’s channel has been a staple for hundreds of prospective Howard University students. Her content is targeted towards HBCU students, composed of vlogs, challenges, and so much more.

Follow her on Instagram (@blackgirlsyoutubetoo)and Twitter (@JuicyLorr)

Check out her featured video, Why Should You Choose Howard University?


She’s Price-Less | Her Channel

    Elysse Price is a freshman, Broadcast Journalism, Photography minor from St. Louis, Missouri. Her lifestyle channel is composed of Howard related content, vlogs, and segments such as “Black Excellence” and “Woke Wednesdays”.

Follow her on Instagram (@shes_price_less) and Twitter (@shes_price_less)

Check out her featured video, Woke Wednesday: Black Women’s Representation Within the Media


Faridat Remi | Her Channel

    Faridat Animashaun is a freshman, management communication major and community development minor from London, UK. Her channel is about her journey through life. She shares her what she does in her spare time, her college experience, and discusses her faith.

Follow her on Instagram (@faridatremi) and Twitter(@faridatremi)

Check out her video, FWF 1 | Maintaining Faith In College


Danixlle | Her Channel


    Danielle is a junior, international business major from Kansas City, Missouri. She’s a collegiate vlogger that does lifestyle, prank, and advice videos. The vlogger just recently traveled to Paris!

Follow her on Instagram (@danixlle) and Twitter (@danixlle)

Check out her featured video here, Virginity at Howard


Asha Sharif | Her Channel

Asha Alaji-Sharif is a freshman, psychology major, fashion design minor from Atlanta, Georgia. Her lifestyle channel consists of college-related content and vlogs.

Follow her on Instagram (@ashathemagnificent)  and Twitter (@theashasharif)

Check out her featured video, What I Learned My First Semester of College


Jean Jackson | Her Channel

    Jean Jackson is a freshman, Film major from Memphis, TN. She describes her channel as a “chill and calming” place that she created to talk about things that are important to her. Her channel allows her to take a break from reality and explore her creative mind.

Follow her on Instagram (@jean_jackson) and Twitter (@jean_margaret11)

Check out her featured video, Pretty Views, Long Drives, and Quotes


Do you know anymore Howard vloggers we should look out for? Comment down below!


Jade Carson is a 20-something year old, Maternal and Child Health major, Sociology minor at Howard University. The Brooklyn native is thrilled to explore life beyond the Big Apple for the next four years. As an aspiring certified doula, Jade is not only looking forward to learning more about the esoteric land of the medical field but is also hoping to shake off her two-year-long writer's block in hopes of completing her first full-length novel. You can read the young author's published work on Wattpad as well friending her on Instagram and Twitter at @jadecarsonxo.
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