Without Terms and Conditions: 8 Howard Bloggers to Look Out for in 2018

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Written by Deni | www.writtenbydeni.com


Deni “Denise” Dedmon is a sophomore, Speech-Language Pathology major, Psychology minor from Albany, Georgia. “Written by Deni is all about life’s sweet and salty combination. From the sweetness of beauty and entertainment to the saltiness of adulting and college, I try to include everything about my black young adult lifestyle.”Deni is also the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus: Howard!

Check out her blog post, F.U.BU: The Black Woman’s Syllabus

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Kesi Felton | www.kesifelton.com


Kesi Felton is a sophomore, Journalism major, Sociology minor from Atlanta, Georgia. “My blog covers a range of topics dealing with politics, pop culture, and positive living. Through that, I hope to amplify the voices and stories of black women, including myself.” Kesi was also recently published in The Hilltop- check out her article, #ForZora: Reflections on the legacy of Zora Neale Hurston.

Check out her blog post, Simplifying and Specifying in 2018

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Love, Jade Carson | www.lovejadecarson.com


Jade Walters/Jade Carson is a freshman, nursing major from Brooklyn, New York. “Love, Jade Carson is my online diary dedicated to awkward, black girls such as myself. I want my readers to relate to my content and embrace their dorkiness. Each blog post is an entry written by me and lived by me and all of my fellow black sisters.” Before blogging, Jade was an ebook author on Wattpad. Check out her profile, here!


Check out her blog post, How to Manage Your $$$ as a Broke Foodie in College

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Between The Sheets | btsheets.wordpress.com


Imani Sanders is a senior, media/film production major, psychology minor from Atlanta, Georgia. Between the Sheets is the sex blog that you didn’t know you needed in your life. With advice about everything you need to know about backshots to understanding the importance of taking your pleasure seriously, I highly recommend that you check out her content and use your new-found knowledge wisely. In 2017, Between the Sheets reached over 10K reads!


Check out her blog post, Why You Should Love Head (and How Exactly to Do It)

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Glitz and Grunge | http://glitzandgrunge.wixsite.com/allthatglitters


Maya Wiley is a freshman, international business major (unofficial fashion minor) from Atlanta, Georgia. According to the author, “Glitz & Grunge is a story about opposites attracting in the best I know- through fashion. My blog provides an in-depth look of what it’s like behind the scenes in my life and in my closet.”. This fashion blogger also has a personal shopping and styling service called, HU Revamped-sign up for her services here!


Check out her blog post, Get Into It: January 17

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With Good Co | www.withgoodco.com

Jade Madison Scott is a freshman, theater arts administration major and playwriting minor from Tampa, Florida.  According to the author, “With Good Co is an examination and exploration of theater through the eyes of a young, black, playwright.”


Check out her blog post, Accessibility, Broadway, and the Future

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Amber’s Tax | www.amberstax.com


Amber Thomas is a freshman, political science major (concentration in International Relations] from Atlanta, Georgia. “Amber’s Tax is like talking to your best friend- it’s a classic space of Amber Marie’s life. A space where my ‘two cents’ are in every conversation.”


Check out her blog post, Why I Created A Blog: Part One

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The Rebecca Johnson | www.therebeccajohnson.com


Rebecca Johnson is a sophomore, journalism major and political science minor from Virginia Beach, Virginia. “I want to create content that will bring people to themselves. Meaning that in my work, I want them to read it and feel something; to feel compelled to take action. Whether it’s within themselves, their community, or their family-just to feel.”


Check out her blog post, Writing Was My First Love

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