Workout Motivation Tips

Now that the Jo is officially open (woohoo!), working out is so much easier. No more cramming your yoga mat into your dorm room or trying not to bother your downstairs neighbor with your jump squats. However, just because the gym is open doesn’t mean it’s easier to find motivation to work out. Here are some of my go-to tips for motivating myself to workout.

  1. 1. Plan Your Workout

    The Jo can be overwhelming, especially considering it’s the most social environment we’ve been in since last March. Having a plan for your workout helps make these initial moments in the gym much less stressful. If you like to run, try an interval workout on the treadmill or elliptical. If you like the bike, queue up a spin class on your phone to follow along to. Following a virtual workout is a great option for when you’re bored of your typical workout, or you just don’t know what to do.

  2. 2. Create a Playlist or Pick a Podcast

    What I listen to makes all the difference in my attitude towards working out. Your playlist can make or break your workout. If music isn’t doing it for you, try listening to a podcast or an audiobook. As long as something is filling my ears and distracting me from my workout, I’m happy!

  3. 3. Listen to Your Body

    It’s important to listen to your body. If you’re really not feeling a workout, then maybe you should take a break. There’s no shame in a rest day!