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The Snowball Effect is known as a psychological term that explains how small actions can cause bigger ones, and eventually result in a large impact. On occasion, we all have a day, maybe a week, a few months, or even a whole year, where everything just seems to feel like it’s going wrong. You feel like you can’t catch a break and that the universe is against you. We’ve all experienced the snowball effect to some degree, whether it be short or long term.

I was always incredibly hopeless and felt enormous waves of sadness during my snowball moments. I truly thought and convinced myself that things would never get better. I was certain my life was just an endless cycle of disappointment. Yet, as my life began to radiate more sunshine, I soon realized a few things. It is good to take the things that are serious, seriously. It’s just as good to get over the things that you can get over, quickly. Every time I felt like I couldn’t catch a break from the world, I began to ask myself the same series of questions. Will this situation matter to me in a week? Will it matter to me in two weeks? Or in a year? Two years? Whether it is forgetting to do my homework, getting to a class late, receiving a ticket, or doing poorly on an assignment, I always get so upset about the small inconveniences of daily life. These are the events that frustration has little to no effect on and that won’t matter to me in a week or two. Therefore, I shouldn’t allow myself to get so worked up over them. My point is that the big events that go on in your life are the ones that matter, not the small little ones. It is impeccable how easily one minor inconvenience completely derails your day – and recognizing that helps subside its impact. Keep in mind that even the tough times are never permanent. Things will always get better, just make sure to focus on the things that are important and applaud yourself when you get through them – you are your biggest support system!

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Hi! My name is Averie Yesair, and I'm from Newbury, MA. I'm a senior English major and creative writing minor. I enjoy listening to Emma Chamberlain, Andrew Huberman, and Steven Barlett's podcasts. A few things I love other than my family and friends are chipotle, chai tea lattes, my jeep, wakeboarding, sunsets, fishing and hanging with my dog Winston. I'm a huge homebody, and love spending nights in watching Cody Ko and Suits or rewatching New Girl.