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Weekly habits that make me feel like my best self

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Back to school means back to a lack of sleep, unnecessary lobby shop snacks, and a packed course load. Despite my eagerness to return to college life and live with my closest friends, there are times when I do not feel my best. Over the past four years, I have learned to listen to my body and understand when I feel physically and mentally fit. The insights I have learned are things I wish I could tell my freshman-year self. Below, I have included some of my go-to habits to make myself feel better mentally and physically. While I am not an expert on any supplements or products I use, I know they work for me!

Collagen Powder!

Recently, while spending too much time in the aisles of Whole Foods, I stumbled upon the wellness section. The herbal scent and fluorescent overhead lights greeted me with various supplements and self-care products. For a while, a few of my family members have recommended the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder. Intimidated and slightly hesitant about the prices, I finally decided to bite the bullet when the supplement went on sale. Since purchasing, I have noticed a difference between adding the supplement to my daily liquids and when I don’t. When I add collagen powder to any drink I want, I have more energy and notice physical benefits! I recommend it to anyone interested in trying it, as there is no taste, and you only add a scoop to your beverages (hot or cold).

Workouts & Walks

One of my favorite workout routines is a balance between high-intensity workout classes and off-days consisting of a long walk. I have been loyal to Orangetheory for two years now, and I highly recommend the workout to anyone who craves instruction, loud music, and a good sweat session. Despite my love for the classes, they burn high-calorie numbers, so I prefer a low-intensity workout on my off days. Hot girl walks are all the rave, and for a good reason. Whenever I have to clear my head, a 3-4 mile walk helps– and Taylor Swift blares through my headphones. Win, win.

Meal Prep/Mindfully Grocery Shopping

An activity between my friends and I is taste-testing Trader Joe’s new items. From their crunchy curls to fun-flavored dips, I always leave with more than I need. One grocery shopping tip I have is mindfully shopping. Shopping with a purpose in all regards minimizes excess and saves money! I typically go to the store aware of my week ahead and how much I will actually cook or need. Meal prepping is a great way to have lunches or dinners ready whenever I need them. As I am interning and attending classes this semester, having my lunch prepared the night before is convenient. When I neglect meals due to a busy day, I am less motivated and productive. I can tell a shift in my mood when I am aware of my next meal, even when I have back-to-back classes. Coffee is not a meal!

It is ok to ask your professors for help!

If I could give my freshman-year self one piece of academic advice, it would be to relax! Teachers are very understanding of busy schedules and perfecting a work-life balance. While taking your course load seriously is important, asking for help when needed and expressing your struggles to your professors is just as important. Office hours are not scary; they show you care more about the syllabus than struggling alone to get an A. If you ever find your week too long, asking for an extension expresses proactivity and communication skills to your professors. As a senior anticipating graduation, my professors are flexible with my interview times and extend deadlines to accommodate my post-graduate networking. Being more open with my professors weekly has helped me balance my course and professional workloads while still enjoying my senior spring semester!

Gioia Guarino

Holy Cross '23

Bostonian, Creative