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Last fall, I posted a TikTok that went somewhat viral.

I had COVID, for the first time, in May 2021, and though I got really sick, it eventually passed after around two weeks. I noticed, however, as the months went on, that my hair was slowly falling out. By the time the trees started to change, I had lost half of my hair. I was extremely upset, insecure, and depressed over it. The stress of school and the stress about stressing out had made it even worse. I went to an endocrinologist, and apparently lots of women and men were experiencing this unforeseen side effect post-coronavirus. There are many reasons and causes of hair loss; cancer treatment, alopecia, and medications. Whatever it may be, here are some ways I brought my hair back to life in the past year.

First off, DON’T worry! Time will heal you, and your hair will eventually grow again. Through learning this I even experienced complete changes, for example, my previously straight hair has come back curly!

  1. If you are using heat, stop.
    1.  Don’t blowdry, curl, or straighten it at all. If you have a special event that you want to do your hair for, I beg you to use heat protectant. Otherwise, avoid heat as much as possible
  2. Get a hair brush that is soft on your hair
    1. I recommend a wet brush.
  3. Don’t wash your hair everyday.
    1. This one was hard for me when I wasn’t in a routine of it. While greasy hair can ruin your day or your mood, overwashing is even worse for your hair. It is a tough routine to get into, so if you struggle, I recommend starting with washing every other day.
  4. Get lots of sleep & drink lots of water.
    1.  This one is helpful for your overall well-being, but it makes a huge impact on your hair growth as well! A healthy you means healthy hair.
  5. Don’t touch your hair
    1. Don’t put your hair up all the time. While working out or having a bad hair day can be resolved by a high pony/bun, a tight hair-tie is so bad for your hair. If you need to keep your hair out of your face, I recommend using a less restricting object like a clip.
  6. Silk pillowcase
    1. These can be such a low investment and are so good for the oils in your hair and even your skin. They have ones as cheap as $10 on amazon.com and can make all the difference! 
  7. Products and vitamins I recommend:
    1. Viviscal Thickening Elixir
    2. Viviscal supplements
    3. Viviscal shampoo and conditioner
    4. Tea Tree thickening spray
    5. Treetree shampoo and conditioner
    6. Scalp massager
    7. Nutra Champs biotin gummies
Summer Scott

Holy Cross '24

singer/songwriter/creative writer