4 Ways to Disconnect Over Thanksgiving Break

Congratulations, you’ve officially made it to Thanksgiving break! Here are some ways to disconnect and recharge over this week off.

  1. 1. Sleep

    There is nothing more important than getting enough sleep. Make the most of this time off by sleeping for at least eight hours a night. Try taking melatonin supplements, drinking sleepytime tea, or a sleep mask to help you snooze faster.

  2. 2. Exercise

    Go for a walk (with your mask!) or find a fun workout video on YouTube. Take advantage of your open schedule and sweat out all the stress you feel about the end of the semester.

  3. 3. Spend Time With Your Family

    Play board games, watch your favorite movies, or help your parents make dinner some night. There is no better way to reconnect with yourself than spending time with your family.


  4. 4. Read a Book ... For Fun!!

    As an English major, I read plenty of books throughout the semester. However, reading that is required isn’t as relaxing as reading that is fun. Take this time off to devour the latest Elin Hildebrand novel or to catch up on the latest thrillers. Unwind with a good book and a nice cup of hot chocolate!

However you spend this break, make sure to take the time to take care of yourself. Breaks are breaks! Take a break from stress, assignments, and everything else that comes with being a college student.