Why You Need To Do The Disney College Program

If you love Disney and you are in college, then you might want to consider doing the Disney College Program. The Disney College Program is an internship for college students where students can live, learn, and earn while working on the property. I recently was accepted for the DCP as a merchandise Cast Member in the upcoming fall semester. The DCP is definitely something you should look into if you want to have work experience and make memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some perks: 


Work For A Well Respected Company

Walt Disney World is one of the most well respected and well known entertainment companies in the world with thousands of employees making the operation possible on a daily basis. The DCP gives college students the chance to work in one of the parks or resorts on property where they can learn the guest relation and professional skills Disney is known for.


It's a resume builder

We are all going to college with hopes of getting a great job in the future and doing the DCP is another work experience that you can add to your resume. I have had the chance to talk to former DCP interns and they have told me that adding Disney to their resume was very helpful when it came to job searching. Usually when an employer sees that you have worked for Disney, they will ask you questions about working for the company and it gives off the impression that you are a hard worker. Doing the DCP will not secure you a job for sure, but it can help make you stand out from other candidates.


You'll make magical memories

The DCP does not only give interns the chance to work in the parks and hotels, but Cast Members receive free theme park tickets. Tickets to the theme parks are usually pretty expensive, but getting them for free is the best. You and your roommates will be able to go to the parks before and after work and have opportunities to go on the rides, meet the characters, and watch all of the live entertainment.


Friendships for life

This is probably the part I am most excited about experiencing during my program. From talking with other people, I have heard that the people that you meet on your program will remain your friends forever. Most college students don’t love Disney as much as DCP participants do, so meeting people who share the same passion for the company and the magic will give you more people to talk about Flynn Rider or Prince Eric.


You'll learn how to adult on your own

Peter Pan says that you never want to grow up, but the DCP gives you the experience to begin the transition into adulting. While technically you are adulting in college, you still have access to premade food and easy transportation. On the program, you will have to prepare and buy your own food and prepare to make sure you arrive to work on time. While adulting doesn’t seem like fun, having roommates to do it with will make it easier!

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