Why My Mother Is My Best Friend and Role Model

Mothers are, unarguably, the glue that holds the world together. Without my mother, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. 

Since day one, my mom has been my absolute best friend. My mother taught me to go out into the world and to be kind to everyone, to love without fear, and to keep my head held high no matter the adversity that is brought my way. 

My mother is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, and it isn’t just for her looks-- although I do hope to age as gracefully as she does. My mother has the most amazing personality. 

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She is the most bubbly and outgoing person I have ever met. She can make friends with anyone, anywhere. Not only that, but she can make deep and meaningful connections with the people surrounding her. 

Moreover, she knows how to work well with people, even if they have different views on how things should be done. My mom has this ability to separate work from friendships that is unmatched in anyone else I have ever met. 


I look up to my mother, and she truly is my role model. I can call her crying from the stress of finals week or if anything is going wrong, and she’s always there to answer.


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I didn’t have any friends in high school, but I had my mom. As much as I grumbled and complained, we always did everything together. Did she need to go to the grocery store? I was her partner in crime. Day of shopping, nail appointment, hair appointment, I was her partner in that too. 


Knowing that I had no friends to invite to a birthday party, my mom took me to New York City for a weekend trip. This has remained one of my most memorable trips ever. I was so thankful to be able to spend my weekend with her. We went to Tiffany & Co. as she knew how in love with the store I was, and she surprised me outside with a necklace. 


Photo courtesy of the author


If I did not have my mom, my life would fall apart. She is undeniably the most amazing woman I have ever been around, and that I will ever be around. My mother is the strongest, most courageous, and most beautiful woman in the world and I hope to be even half the woman that she is. 


I love you, Mom.