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We Should Be Kinder to Ourselves in the New Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

We made it to the New Year! Congratulations to you all for getting through what may be considered one of the craziest years in our lives, and a year that will most certainly go down in the history books. With ringing in the New Year, New Year’s Resolutions have been heavy on many minds throughout the world. The classic ones include, “lose weight, make more money, take up a crazy new skill.” While all of these may be practical resolutions for any other year, we are still in the midst of social and political turmoil as well as a pandemic… This has been an incredibly draining year for just about everyone on Earth. We should not need to stress out over if we have that “bikini body for summer,” or if we are going to achieve every single goal we will set for ourselves this year in 2021. In the current climate, it may be more difficult than it has been in other years. Don’t beat yourself up over it. One of the biggest lessons learned from 2020 is that some things we can’t control, and that is OK. 

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Maybe this year, we should try to focus on what we can control, such as how we treat others and how we treat ourselves. Little things, such as writing down our thoughts, taking walks in the fresh air and treating ourselves from time to time can make all the difference in stress and our mood. If you are struggling with your mental health, making a goal to learn some anxiety or stress management techniques, or taking the step to talk to a therapist could be goals that may help you significantly in the long run. Checking up on a friend, making sure they are doing OK during the holidays, winter break and beyond might help them feel less isolated. It is so easy to let loneliness consume you right now, as we all probably know at this point. Possibly, a resolution (after your mental health and feelings have been improved if you are in that position) is to help a friend feel loved and seen. Try writing cards to them, sending a care package, or just a simple phone call with a, “Hey, how are you doing,” to show them they are seen. You may not see it, but sometimes it can make all the difference.

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This year, do what makes you happy and keeps you healthy. Whether it involves learning new recipes in the comfort of your home, rearranging your furniture, playing music, anything. Take what you love and run with it. It takes baby steps sometimes to get where you want to be, especially with where our world is at the moment. Truthfully, in 2020, it was an accomplishment to wake up every day. You should be so proud of yourself. This year, be kinder to yourself. Making it through the insane year we have had is a feat in itself. Here’s to a brighter 2021!


Sofia Staub

Hofstra '24

Sofia Staub is a freshman at Hofstra University. She is studying Public Relations. She loves knitting, dogs and iced coffee.