The Ultimate "In Your Feels" Playlist

Even though we pride ourselves on being strong, independent women, we must admit it sucks to be single sometimes. It may be cuffing season, but let’s be honest— not all of us have the luxury of having someone to cuddle up with this year. If guys can own their “sad boi” hours and post Drake songs on their snap stories—yeah, we notice—we can acknowledge that we feel the same. In lieu of the start of fall, here's the perfect playlist for when you're in your feelings— sorry, ice cream isn’t included.

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Hericane- LANY

This band’s hit single "ILYSB" eloquently explains the feeling of falling in love. Their song ‘Hericane’ distinctly tells of a relationship falling apart with the kicker being “I love you still/I always will/You’re the one in the wrong."  

Wreck Me- Chord Overstreet

Did you know Glee star Chord Overstreet writes country music? He recently started an alt-pop band named Overstreet, but his 2017 EP "Tree House Tapes" is dedicated to a lost love of his with songs perfect for every late-night cry.

What About Us- P!nk

P!nk came back hard with her seventh album “Beautiful Trauma." Many songs are dedicated to telling the hardships of her decade-long marriage to Carey Hart. The upbeat tempo is combated with the raw lyrics including, “What about love/What about trust/What about us."

Too Good At Goodbyes- Sam Smith

The first single from Sam Smith’s second album tells of his ease of leaving relationships and happened to come out a few weeks after he broke up with 13 Reasons Why star, Brandon Flynn. (Coincidence? I think not.)

Saved- Khalid

Texas native Khalid says he wrote this song about a relationship that ended, yet he refused to delete her number in case she ever needs him again. The music video portrays this hopeful, yet heartbreaking story with the insta-famous model Duckie Thot.

Dusk Till Dawn- Zayn ft. Sia

Originally made for the 2017 film The Mountain Between Us, Zayn and Sia teamed up for this strong power ballad about a couple confessing their unwavering love for one another. (The fact that he wrote this with Gigi Hadid in mind? BRB crying.)

Thinking 'Bout You- Dua Lipa

While Dua Lipa penned the iconic bop "New Rules" she also shows true emotions in this slow ballad about not being able to do anything but miss the person you love.

Mad At You- Noah Cyrus ft. Gallant

In this song from her newest EP, Noah Cyrus harmonizes with R&B artist Gallant: “No matter what you/ I can never be mad, mad, mad at you."

Postcard- Troye Sivan ft. Gordi

Sivan wrote this song after his boyfriend didn’t reply to a postcard he sent him while on tour last year. While it seems silly, the song speaks of the moment you break out of the honeymoon phase and realize that maybe the person you love isn’t who you thought they were.

Without- Years and Years

Singer Olly Alexander sings about the depressing realization that your ex has moved on, but tries to remember who he is at the end of the day singing, "I'll be with you or without."

Trust Issues- Olivia O'Brien

O'Brien was only 16 when she released this R&B inspired slow jam about her fear of commitment.

Bad Religion- Frank Ocean

In this song, Frank Ocean tells us all point blank: “It’s a bad religion/This unrequited love” as he recounts his first crush on a man who could never love him back.

Midnight Train- Sam Smith

Sam Smith came through with another song about leaving an ex. (Am I the only one sensing a pattern here?)

Two Ghosts- Harry Styles

Harry Styles will neither confirm or deny that this song is about Taylor Swift, but nevertheless, this slow anthem of two people realizing that they’ll never work out makes this relationship just like any of us have had.

Dug Heart- Børns

This melancholy tune hits you hard late at night as the artist recounts his lover leaving with the words, "It's inevitable ain't it?/You left without saying."

The Night We Met- Lord Huron

Yes, I added in the slow dance song from 13 Reasons Why winter formal scene. Enough said.

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Sick Of Losing Soulmates- dodie

British YouTuber dodie got real on this track about the difficulties of deciding if a relationship is worth pursuing when you’ve both been heartbroken.

Nothing Without Love- Nate Ruess

The former lead singer of indie band ‘fun.’ went solo with this 2015 hit about the possibility of falling in love. This piano-heavy track is allegedly written when he was dating his now-wife, who gave birth to their first child last year.

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Take Me Away- Bleachers ft. Grimes

If 3:30 is the ideal time for a pop song, guitarist Jack Antonoff must be on another level to make me cry at only 2:30. With Canadian singer Grimes crooning the phrase 'I know you're sorry' throughout, the two give a dramatic take on being so trapped in yourself that you ruin a relationship.

Manhattan- Sara Bareilles

I used to listen to this song sitting my bedroom back home because even though I've never lived with someone, Bareilles softly singing, "You can have Manhattan/'Cause I can't have you," gets me every time.

Angel Down- Lady Gaga

While this song isn't about love, Gaga confirmed that she wrote this song about the horrors of the world today— which is just as heartbreaking.

Overdose- Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara was only 14 when this song came out, and it is baffling that she was able to perfectly capture the overwhelming feeling of an on/off romance.

Poetry- Wrabel

In true hopeless romantic fashion, Wrabel acknowledges how lyrics describing the feeling of falling in love for the first time as he sings, "I see poetry in your eyes."

Leave Me Lonely- Ariana Grande ft. Macy Gray

A slept on bop from the "Dangerous Woman" album, Ariana Grande sings of toxic relationship that she has to try so hard to let go: "You’re a dangerous love/Maybe you’re no good for me, darling/Cause if you’re gonna love me and leave me hanging here/Then I’d rather you leave, leave me lonely/Even though it hurts."

Mystery Of Love- Sufjan Stevens

Straight from the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack, this track summarizes the two-hour emotional rollercoaster of a summer romance in Italy.

Talia- King Princess

Up-and-coming queer artist King Princess broke away from her ballads with this rock song about the goal of drinking so much you swear that she can imagine the person she loves sleeping next to her. 

Ghost Of You- 5 Seconds Of Summer

The final song on 5SOS' latest album sets the scene of an apartment after someone's moved out and you recounting the pain of going through everyday life with the ghost of your ex. 

Why Won't You Love Me- 5 Seconds Of Summer

Because 5SOS are the kings of sad tunes, the title implies exactly what you'd expect: a heartbreaking anthem of begging your crush to answer the question constantly pestering you.


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