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Super Awesome Self-Help Books That Aren’t Corny

There can be a bad stigma surrounding self-help books. They’re often portrayed as corny or useless, but that can’t be farther from the truth. A lot of self-help books are really awesome. They can offer support through tough times, help give you the courage to ask for that well-deserved promotion, or even the boost of confidence you needed to leave your toxic relationship for good. Self-help books are all about self-love! If you’re looking to become the best version of yourself, these books could offer you some insight. 


By Gary John Bishop

Need a real kick in the ass? Well, Bishop skips all the bullsh*t. He’s here to tell you the blatant truth about why you’re going nowhere in life, and how to simply “unf*** yourself”. If you’ve continued reading past these first few sentences, you can see this book is not for the easily offended. It teaches to quit the blame game and take action; to have a mindset of willingness rather than believing in the idea you are just procrastinating, lazy and unmotivated. Bishop gets it, everyone has problems and life isn’t easy. Ask Socrates. Life will never be but if you can learn to be relentless, you can achieve the unachievable and that is unf***ing yourself.


HOW TO BE A BAWSE: A Guide To Conquering Life

By Lilly Singh

“How To Be A Bawse” is everything relatable to your not-so-put-together self. With every other sentence, you’ll stop to think to yourself “Wow. That’s totally me.” Not only will you wake up and learn to call yourself out by having accountability, but you’ll also learn how to be nice to people, schedule inspiration, and oddly enough, to be the dumbest. Sounds easy enough right? You probably think you already know these things, but let’s be real, if you did you wouldn’t be seeking a self-help book like this, now would you? Invest in yourself, say what you mean, have selective emotions. Being uncomfortable is key and with Singh’s written words full of color, exclamations, and capitalization you will learn to be a “Bawse.”



By Jennifer Byrne

Seeing that you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are this so-called lazy girl that we speak of so I will do you the favor of keeping this short. From social situations to finding love, having sex, and dragging yourself through the workday, this book provides ALL the hacks. Want short hair but fear commitment? Have zero relevant job experience but still scored an interview? Or maybe having sex and just not going to get there? This book has your problem hacks.



By Michael I. Bennett, MD and Sarah Bennett

Like most people, you may feel confident in all aspects of your life except in the department of…love. It’s good to get a shrink’s advice, especially one who understands how we feel when we say “f*** love” man. Don’t we all want to figure out who’s toxic in our life so we can quit wasting our time or be taught the proper way to seek out a good partner? This book will help teach you how to see the truth and the bullshit in a relationship. In reading it, you will also learn why to throw intelligence, communication, and a sense of humor out the window—I know what you’re thinking, what will you be left with for a partner? But trust me, just read the book! You’ll find everything you’ll want in return from your future partner in reading this book.

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