So You Caught Feelings For the F***boy, Now What?

It’s inevitable, we all do it at least once. Some of us do it again, and again, and again. 

It’s easy to spot a f***boy. Just ask yourself these few questions. Is he a frat guy? Does he care a little *too* much about what he looks like? Do you get this feeling when you look at him like you are going to regret this? 

If you answered yes to any of them, you’ve probably encountered a f****boy. Now run, before you catch feels. If you can’t run fast enough because you skipped your butts and guts class for three weeks now then be prepared, these guys are easy to fall for. But all of your sisters have you covered. 

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Find your best friend and tell all your friends right away. Having the support of your girls to help you out is crucial for the next few steps. 

After your girls know, you must stay busy. Get your nails done, go on a vacation, write that paper you’ve been putting off for two weeks. Don’t let yourself have alone time. Stay busy and pamper yourself because you deserve it. Plus its harder to pity yourself when you have a good manicure. 

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Next, get some girl power anthems going. Turn off the Sam Smith and Ed Sheehan. It’s dangerous and brings out too many feels. Turn up the Beyoncé, Rihanna and maybe even a little Taylor Swift. You are a strong, independent young woman who does not need a man or a f***boy. You are way too good for that. You could double up on steps and listen to your inspiring AF music while getting ready for the next step in recovery. 

Time for a girl's night out. Get your most comfortable, sexy and confidence boosting outfit on, throw a pair of heels on and be ready to shake your booty all night long with your squad. Flirt with a few random guys, let them chase you, but it's a girls night so when its time to go, say “boi bye". Who needs boys when you have your girls to back you up and love you more than some f***boy ever could.  A helpful tip would be to leave your phone at home that night. It’s also a great way to get out of splitting the Uber fare home. 

If the blackout at the end of the night doesn’t help you get over this guy, don’t kick yourself. Just hit up Sunday Brunch, and forgive yourself.

 Photo courtesy of Pexels 

You cannot hate yourself too much for catching feelings. It’s only natural — f***boys have a scent that us girls just can’t stay away from. Just try really hard to fight nature to avoid getting hurt. You got this babe!

 Just remember you are way too pretty, smart and good for him. You have class and standards and you shouldn’t let a f***boy get you down. It might take a few cycles to truly get over this guy but I believe in you. You can do it girl!