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Self Care Sunday’s: The Little Lifesaver Tube for Your Undereye

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Three words I never wanted to have to admit:

I was influenced. 

Shhh, it can just stay between us. 

The reason I am willing to admit these three little words is that maybe others have been there. There is a desperation that comes when you’re searching for a solution to something that’s been bothering you and then you log onto Instagram and conveniently an influencer has just what you need. You click the link and you’re convinced that it’s worth it, because how could you not take advantage of that 30 percent off code that was just offered to you. Many times I would be intrigued, but I would never take that next step to ensure a purchase. Somehow I was never able to jump through that skeptical hoop of mine that maybe I shouldn’t be following the advice of a semi-famous person who is literally getting a paycheck to promote a product to me (despite the constant reassurance of “I would never show you guys a product I don’t regularly use in my own routine”… you know the one.) 

With all this being said, we’re all human and our resolve is bound to slip at some point. I am so glad that it did. Everything I am about to tell you can be trusted, because I am a broke college student that isn’t benefiting monetarily whatsoever for introducing this product to you. (That’s how that works right?) 

This is an image of a Tula Eye Cream bottle with the cap off on display in front of a motivational sign
Original photo by Kaitlyn Bancroft

Back to the case at hand: Tula’s Glow & Get It Eye Balm. 

There are two variations of this brightening and cooling eye balm. One was the original blue tube, the other a pink tube with the addition of one word “Rose,” making it “Rose Glow & Get It.” The pink bottle was ultimately prettier, but let’s face it, when has making decisions solely off of aesthetics ever been a good choice? Since I was a first-timer at being influenced, I decided to go with the original formula. Ever since making that decision, I cannot argue with the results. 

To give a little context, I used to think self-care included binging tv shows while eating chipotle, and it can absolutely be that. Self-care truly does look different for everyone. However, I didn’t realize what self-care might be is trying new things that you didn’t necessarily know you needed; Like an under-eye cream. 

This is an image of a Tula eye cream bottle with the cap off, displaying that the cap lists it as \
Original photo by Kaitlyn Bancroft

Let’s start with the ingredients to get to know the building blocks of the product before learning the results it might have. Right on the cap, this product is marketed as “clean and effective” (props to them for putting that message in an unavoidable place).

~~ Probiotic Extracts 

~~ Hyaluronic Acid 

~~ Caffeine 

~~ Aloe Water 

~~ Apple, watermelon, and blueberry (You mean to tell me fruits are not just healthy to eat, but also to put directly on your skin?) 

BRB while I go lay in bed with a bunch of fruit on my face, because apparently that is the key to all things healthy skin. 

Now that we have listed the ingredients, you have a basic sense of vital properties that this product consists of. If you don’t understand what these ingredients mean that’s okay, at the very least you can be at peace knowing there’s caffeine in it. When in doubt, caffeine IS your best friend. 

If you’re not convinced of a product based on ingredients alone, don’t worry. You are absolutely not alone. Just because something is labeled a certain way does not mean it is any more effective than all the other products out there. Ingredients may not be the best indicator, but how you feel when using a product is. 

So let’s talk about how this product feels on the skin. 

The blue formula goes on smoothly, and it comes in a tube that you can just roll underneath your eye for easy application. The cooling effect is instant, which a puffy under-eye welcomes with open arms. The cooling sensation is already a much-needed improvement to a tired under-eye that needs extra love and care; however, this product really hits a home run with its lasting impact.

I’ve done a quick few swipes of this product underneath my eye as I am literally out the door racing to my first class of the day. It would be a pretty forgettable experience in the grand scheme of an individual’s hectic workday if it didn’t make itself known after the fact. (I think talking about this blue tube as if it’s actually alive speaks to how active a role it is playing in everyday lives.)

There is a tingling that occurs after the cooling. It’s almost as if you can feel the product performing underneath your eye. The results are visible when looking at the under-eye and the process is witnessed in the way it feels on your skin. I am a big fan of feeling like a product is working and not just blindly trusting that it is going to do its job (or in some cases praying that the money you spent was not just so this product could end up in the bottom of a drawer somewhere). 

What they don’t tell you is self-care and confidence can go hand in hand. When you’re not feeling confident it means you should probably be practicing more self-care to regain your sense of self and what makes you happy. 

Two things I am confident about is: this product has an impact, and that getting sucked into an endless search of what the best products out there are is overwhelming. Falling victim to being on the internet for over two hours while surveying the reviews of fifty different products is not how you should be spending your free time, you’re more valuable than that. 

So let’s go for it! Let’s glow and get it if you will.

From one tired individual to another, hard work is the norm in everyday routine. Build this into that routine to give your skin a little bit of relief after how hard you’ve worked. You can wear your tired eyes after a night up late studying or finishing that midterm paper like a badge of honor, but make sure you also layer Tula’s Glow and Get it cooling and brightening eye balm on top!

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Kaitlyn Bancroft is a junior at Hofstra University in New York, following her passion to become a journalist. She enjoys eating chipotle and binge-watching as she procrastinates on assignments.