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Self-Care Sunday: How To Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick On Campus

Hey Guys! The Self-Care Sunday blog is going to be written by both Madie and Hannah this year. We are going to be taking over our @hchofstra Snapchat to show you guys our routines and the best ways to take care of yourself! So you can read along with our blogs every Sunday and you can also follow us on Snapchat to see us talk a little about what we are doing and why! Enjoy and we hope to see you there!

How I Take Care of Myself When I’m Sick on Campus

Getting sick at college is not fun, whether it be the stomach flu or the common cold. You don’t have your mom to bring you tea or the time to sit around all day and watch HBO movies. Here are my tips for taking care of yourself when you get sick on campus (because trust me, it’s bound to happen).

Get Real Sleep.

When you’re sick, you can’t stick with those four hours per night and expect to feel better immediately. Go to bed at a more normal hour like 10 or 11. Your body is fighting hard against the sickness, so it needs more time to recuperate than normal. You will get better much faster if you get more sleep.

Drink more Emergen-C than vodka.

Your body does not need to battle alcohol along with the cold, so take a break from going out (even if you think you’re feeling better) and do a movie night in. There will be parties the next weekend, and you’ll have a much better time when you’re not sick.

Don’t force yourself to go to class.

Of course, if you can go to class you always should, but if you wake up in the morning and have already used a full box of tissues between your bed and the shower, taking one class off won’t hurt you. You’re more likely to absorb information with a healthy mind.

Pack a bag of cough drops in your backpack.

The Halls cherry-flavored drops are full of cooling menthol and will help you suppress that cough during your two-hour lecture.

Don’t over-commit.

Everyone gets sick sometimes and it’s hard to carry out all your responsibilities when you aren’t feeling your best, so try not to commit to anything extra while you don’t feel well. It’s going to be hard enough to do your daily routine, so get better before doing favors!


Madie’s Medications:

  • DayQuil
  • NyQuil
  • Emergen-C Tangerine-Flavored
  • Halls Triple Soothing Action Cherry-Flavored
  • Tylenol Extra Strength
  • Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, etc.)
  • Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea
  • Cold-Eeze

Madie’s Sick Day Netflix Movie Go-To’s

  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Miss Congeniality
  • White Chicks
  • Forrest Gump
  • Iliza Schlesinger: Freezing Hot
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
Madison Mento is a senior at Hofstra University and is majoring in Public Relations with minors in Spanish and Photography. She is a writer, artist, activist, and avid ginger. She likes her coffee iced, her pizza hot, and anything to do with beauty. She is currently the Co-President of Her Campus Hofstra and loves the organization!
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