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Intern Diaries: How to Survive Your Intern Review


We’ve all got to do them: the intern review. It sounds intimidating, but its really not that bad. Most likely the person reviewing you has been reviewed before, so they’re going to try to make it as pleasant as possible. With that said, receiving criticism can be hard, so try not to let it get to you. If you follow these tips, you’ll pass your intern review with flying colors.

Come prepared. This is a big thing no matter what you’re doing, but especially during your review. Showing up with a pen and paper, ready to take notes, will show your editor that you’re taking this review seriously.


Listen, don’t talk. When receiving criticism it can be hard not to defend yourself, but don’t. Making up excuses will leave your editor thinking you don’t really care. Acknowledge your mistakes (we all make them!) and then tell your editor that you’ll work on the things she’s mentioned.

Brainstorm. Editors often use this review time to get feedback from you, so make sure you think of any questions, comments, or concerns before you go in. This is a great time to discuss any issues with your editor. Want to write more? Bring it up! Having a hard time understanding how to do something? Ask! You have your editor’s undivided attention, and that’s something that may be hard to get later.


Leave smiling and without questions. You likely got both praise and criticism in your review and it can be hard not to take the criticisms personally. Just remember that you can only grow from the advice. If you have any questions about what your editor said be sure to clarify before you leave, or if needed set up a follow up meeting to further discuss some things. Remember to thank your editor for her feedback. A great intern (and employee!) takes criticism as something positive, so take this time to show your editor that you won’t let a few suggestions get you down!

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