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How It Feels to Commute to NYC

Having an internship in NYC is pretty exciting on paper. It looks all glamorous and chic, and at times you feel like Carrie Bradshaw or Andy from The Devil Wears Prada. However, after your first week, the initial appeal begins to fade a little and you soon learn to dread commuting to your internship in the city. Here’s a brief rundown on how my commute usually ends up going. 

The Feeling When You Sleep Through Your Alarm

Having to Rush Through Your Morning Routine

Waiting for the Shuttle

Just Making Your Train

The Anxiety When You Can’t Find Your Ticket

Going Through the Tunnel and Losing Service

When You Reach The Station and You’re Power Walking to The Subway

The Feeling When You Have Insufficient Funds on Your MetroCard

Balancing on a Moving Subway Car

Ignoring the Crazy People on the Subway

Nearly Missing Your Stop

Maneuvering the Busy Sidewalks to Your Internship

Arriving at Your Internship

Realizing that You Have To Commute Home at the End of the Day


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