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How to Deal With Post-Thanksgiving Depression

Look I get it, finals are coming up, your meal plans running low and your stress has risen! Coming back we all know, there’s only two more weeks but after being exposed to good food, family and hometown friends you miss home even more than you thought possible. How is it that Thanksgiving is what makes us think screw it when we have all this responsibility left?? Here are some helpful tips to get over your post thanksgiving depression:

1. Cook

Realistically at this point, unless you’re a freshman with an abundant meal plan, food for you is running SCARCE. Each time you refill your meal card you cringe and question how you became an adult that paid for her own food! You might as well save money for better quality by making it yourself and feeling like Masterchef on Snapchat!


2. Make a Call to Your Parents Every Other Day

Let’s face it, your sanity is dwindling and you miss home. By scheduling ten minutes with your parents they can give you the wise wisdom that you don’t want to hear but need. In addition they’ll be there to not judge your tears past the age of appropriateness and maybe as an added bonus update you on the life of your pets!

3. Schedule Calls/Text Sessions with Friends

Going to several different schools than your friends can make you easily lose touch. And just like you, their schedules are insanely hectic so its not a direct insult if they can’t talk to you! Attempt at least to schedule a Saturday morning catch up so that way you can both update each other on the latest bar and boy story and take a few minutes to enjoy refreshing stories.

4. Exercise

Post Thanksgiving you are probably feeling a combination of laziness and justifying avoiding the gym with oversized sweaters. It’s not that you need to work off thanksgiving because it’s proven that from one day of binging that shouldn’t dramatically affect you. However, for the sake of energy and productivity you need in preparation for finals, GO!

5.  Don’t Avoid

You’ve heard it a thousand times but please don’t save these last few weeks to procrastinate! Just face your assignment and responsibilities head on and yes it may seem daunting but its better than becoming the crazy over caffeinated girl in the library at 5am who looks like she could start crying or laughing hysterically at any moment.

6.  Sleep

Rest will help you in all dimensions throughout these hard times. You need your beauty sleep to avoid extra stress from unwanted pimples but also to get you through the day. The last thing you need right now is to slowly fall asleep within your last few classes when you should be paying attention the hardest.

7. Follow Some Inspirational Accounts

Starting your day with a #morningmantra and ending with a soothing quote can set a whole different tone. As cheesy as they may be Tumblr accounts and my personal fave, @hchofstra on Instagram, can give you that little mental positivity that can make a HUGE change for the day. Start following!

* Sigh * this is not the end but simply the beginning to success! #GobbleGobble

Hofstra '17 Hofstra Chapter Vice President (December '16 - December '17) From a young age Naledi has been obsessed with all things pop culture and entertainment. Through writing for Her Campus she has been able to reach a large audience of badass collegiate women who share her crazy passions as well. Beyond Her Campus Naledi is IN LOVE with Hofstra. Her favorite part? The school of comm for allowing her to branch out and get a real dip into the real world prior to graduating. Additionally Naledi is one of those classic people who studies abroad in the spring of 2016 and won't ever stop talking about it! Her best advice? Go and see the world kids and fall in love with your major like Ali and Noah from the Notebook fell in love with each other.
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