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How to Avoid Stress During Finals

The word “finals” can automatically lead to constant anxiety for any student. Finals are an extremely stressful time of year for students in their final stretch of the semester. In order to do well on finals, one must learn how to hone in on controlling anxiety and focus on the tasks needed to successfully complete all the papers and tests. Many people tend to get stressed out easily, so coming up with ways to control anxiety during finals is very important. Below are a few ways to avoid stress when studying and preparing for finals.


1. Create a Study Schedule:

Creating a schedule is an important skill to use throughout your life. If you are forgetful or a busy worker, keep a planner so you never forget to do your work. During finals, it is extremely important to schedule out your time wisely for when you will study and get your work done far in advance, so you are not stuck cramming the night before. When you create your calendar, make sure you have all your exam dates and deadlines on first, then start adding in when you want to study based on what classes are first. Make sure you have a physical printed calendar that you can write additional notes on. Writing things out and feeling organized can help with the stress.

Create your own study schedule with these ideas!


2. Make Sure To Keep a Good Sleep Schedule:

Sleep is the most important thing to stay healthy and happy. Many people tend to get little or no sleep during finals weeks due to studying and homework; however, this is one of the worst things to do to yourself. Sleep should be the number one priority when it comes to school and life. Getting a good night’s sleep before a test and during the time leading up to a test can increase one’s ability to focus and do well on their finals. During finals week and the weeks prior, make sure to go to sleep at a reasonable time and stay healthy!


3.  Meditation and Yoga:

Meditation is good for the mind, body, and soul. This tool is the perfect way to calm down when things are getting too stressful in school and in life. If you don’t know how to meditate or if you like something more routine, try yoga. Yoga is not only calming, it is also a good form of exercise which is very important. During yoga classes, the teacher usually does meditations at the beginning and end leaving the students calm and relaxed. Below is a link to the Hofstra exercise classes where you can sign up for a free yoga class!

Hofstra Exercise Classes


4. Go For a Run:

When you’re stuck in your room or in the library studying all day, having a change of pace and location is always good for the mind and body. Running is a great way to relieve stress. Running is an easy form of exercise that almost everyone can do. When one exercises, it releases endorphins causing all that stress and anxiety to be replaced with happiness. Don’t like to run? Go outside and take a long walk; a little fresh air can be just as good for your mind.


5. Listen To Music:

Listening to music while studying may work for some; however, sometimes listening to music with words can distract from the studying at hand. I have found that listening to soft jazz, classical, or searching study music on YouTube is the perfect undertone to help you focus. Sometimes, pulling out your favorite songs and not focusing on anything besides the music is the best kind of study break. Blast your music, sing, and dance along. Music is also a great way to relieve anxiety and is a calming method.


6. Eat Healthy:

Food is just as important as sleep when it comes to staying healthy and happy, especially during finals. Many people tend to stay in their rooms and each junk food or drink lots of coffee or soda to stay awake while studying. It is important to try and avoid too much sugar, coffee and junk food. Having a healthy and balanced meal is extremely important and can help you stay focused and alert. Make sure to have three solids meals a day and carry some healthy snacks in your backpack. You could even add this into your study schedule to make sure you don’t forget!


7. Turn Off Social Media For The Day:

Taking a break from social media is the best way to focus on other important things in life. Our society has become so attached to their phones and social media that a break is just what you might need. Putting your phone away helps you focus on the work in front of you and helps you get everything done, in order to avoid future stress. Don’t get stuck looking at funny videos and social media on your phone for hours; instead, put it away and study instead.


8. Never Cram The Night Before:

Many people like to put off their work until the last minute; however, this is not the smartest thing to do, especially during finals. Studying far in advance will make one feel more prepared and less stressed out as the test date approaches. It has been proven that the earlier one begins studying, the more information they will retain. Cramming the night before is not only stressful, but extremely unsuccessful. Start studying now to do better in the future!


Tips for the day of your exams:

1. Get lots of sleep the night before.

2. Eat a substantial breakfast.

3. Drink lots of water.

4. Take deep breaths. You studied all week for this test, don’t stress out, you know the material!

5. Don’t second guess yourself, go with your gut.

My name is Lauren Denker and I am part of the class of 2019 at Hofstra University. I have joined the HerCampus chapter at Hofstra University. I am majoring in Public Relations and hope to work in the television and film industry in the future!
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