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Hofstra, Let’s Talk About It: Memorable Tinder Stories

In our society today, women are often told that they should not talk about sex. This can lead women to feel embarrassed or unsure of themselves when something unexpected happens. Through Hofstra, Let’s Talk About It, you will read real accounts from real college students. We are all going through the same experiences, why not talk about them?

If you are a college student, you probably know at least one person your age who has a Tinder account (according to a worldwide distribution of Tinder users from 2015, a whopping eighty percent were millennials). From having the ability to meet new people without leaving your dorm to easily finding a casual hookup, it’s not surprising that many college students are using Tinder. In fact, Tinder recently created Tinder U, an application that is created exclusively for college students to interact with one another.

Although Tinder is a great way to meet new people, sometimes you end up with a crazy story (or two) to tell your friends. I asked Her Campus members: “Do you have a memorable Tinder story?”

“I once went on a date after working a twelve-hour shift earlier in the day and the girl was so boring I actually dozed off for a brief moment while she was talking. She conveniently said she had to go about fifteen minutes later.”

  • Laramie, Freshman

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“I was going to go on a date, but right before the date, I told him I would drive myself because I had never met him before and just was not comfortable with him driving me. He was oddly annoyed and made it weird as if we knew each other enough for me to give him my address and be picked up (which we were not by any means and um, hello, STRANGER DANGER?). Eventually, he begged to just take me out and we could meet up, but at that point, I was too weirded out by him and decided to cut him off.”

  • Christina, Junior

“I linked my instagram to my Tinder profile, and someone then followed me & has been stalking me ever since (coming to Hofstra, texting me, etc).”

  • Olivia, Sophomore

“I actually met a few nice people through Tinder and went on some dates, but I don’t have any wild memories that stick out.“

  • Sara, Senior

“He stabbed a door with a knife.”

  • Faith, Sophomore

*Courtesy of Giphy

“One time a guy I matched with said he really wanted to eat me out, and I kept messing with him and saying puns about cheese. When he realized that I was never going to actually meet up with him, he told me I looked like, “a whole Ratatouille cast member.” It was one of the funniest things that have ever happened to me.”

  • Katie, Sophomore

“I just think it’s funny, but my Tinder blew up while in Israel. I don’t know if the guys there just wanted an American, but it was crazy to see the difference in matches.”

  • Courtney, Junior

“Once I talked to a guy from Tinder but the timing never worked out because I got back together with an ex and then when I was single, he got a girlfriend. But we kept our snap streak and even got up to 700 days. Now we’ve been good friends for 3 years.”

  • Amanda, Junior

*Courtesy of Giphy

“I tried using Tinder but I was always nervous about following through with people. So sadly I don’t have a memorable Tinder story.”

  • Emily, Sophomore

The majority of the guys I hung out with freshman year were from Tinder so it’s kind of strange that I don’t have a crazy Tinder story. Before college, I never flirted with guys because I was always too intimidated to talk in person so Tinder was a really great way for me to test the waters. There were definitely downsides (like guys who didn’t get the hint), but overall, I was able to use the app to my advantage and surprisingly gained some self-confidence in the process.

If you are thinking about making a profile and are hesitant, I say go for it. Although you may get a memorable story, it doesn’t hurt to try and see if it’s the right thing for you. And if it isn’t, just delete it and move on. The most important thing is to find something that works for you.

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