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Her Campus Hofstra’s Guide to the Crystals You Need This Spring

The sun is shining, the tulips are blooming, the icy emotional blockage of winter is beginning to thaw.  It can only mean one thing: spring is here! While the season changes and you begin to throw yourself into some fun and spontaneity, take some time to find things that are grounding.  For us, crystals are that perfect tangible thing that lets you harness that spring energy and use it to guide your new season. Here are some essential crystals that you need to start this season off right!





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Looking to get more motivated and tap into your extroverted side? Well, look no further than apatite! Apatite is notorious for bringing positive social interaction into your life and unblock negativity from the past.  Keep this in your bag to encourage reaching out to spend time with your friends and embracing what the season has to offer. And the best part? Apatite comes in several different colors ranging from yellow to violet so you can find the stone that sparks joy for you.


Smokey Quartz



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Even though you want to spend all day soaking up the sun on the quad, you have to finish the semester off strong.  Smokey quartz has your back to keep you grounded and focused during this time. It is known to change your negative energy into a productive and positive one that will help you to power through that test. Put some smokey quartz into your backpack to ensure that your GPA doesn’t change with the season too.



If you’re in need of a stone to enhance your energy and invigorate joy, then citrine is for you. A stone of abundance, citrine will provide you the wealth and success that can both motivate and fund your spring adventures. Citrine also easily captures energy that can be transferred to revitalize your mood and flush out negativity of the past.  Keeping citrine close will be sure to bring you good vibes this spring.


Rose Quartz

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Do you sense a relationship blossoming with world around you? Whether it’s a new friendship, crush, or long-term lover, rose quartz will help you channel those romantic feelings. Spring is also a great time to work on that relationship with yourself.  Thankfully, rose quartz is also good for self-love and self care. The pretty pastel and soft feel of the stone can serve as a visual reminder to appreciate and take time for yourself.





Trying to be a bit ~bolder~ this spring? Seek no further than a nice hunk of carnelian.  Carnelian is the stone of courage. It inspires carriers to go big and bring good luck along the way.  If you can figure out what you want most out of this spring, grab yourself some carnelian and make it happen!


We hope that you take some time to find crystals that hold meaning for you and bring inspiration for the change of the season.  Here’s to hoping that spring totally rocks (pun intended)!



Maddy Oldham

Hofstra '21

Maddy Oldham is a junior with a double major in Drama and Early Childhood/Childhood Education. She is passionate about iced coffee, thrifting, music, and making people smile.
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