Everything Hofstra is Doing to Keep Us Safe in Spring 2021

Anddddd we’re back.

After last semester, people (especially those living on campus) were anxious to go home and live in some sense of normalcy. Now, the holidays are over and classes are in full swing again. After the first week, students are getting back into the flow of zoom classes and college life during a pandemic. However, things are a little bit different this semester, with Hofstra* having some different safety rules.

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The first noticeable difference was that Hofstra has changed its quarantine policy to align with New York state’s recent adjustments. The infamous 14-day quarantine is no longer required and students only have to quarantine for three days and then get tested. Testing protocols have also changed. Upon arriving to campus, the school administered rapid tests instead of the traditional PCR test. This caused some controversy because according to the CDC, rapid (antigen) tests are not as accurate as PCR tests.

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While this may be different from last semester, a lot of the protocols put into place last semester remain the same. When on campus, students are still required to wear masks, socially distance and complete daily health questionnaires. The school is still administering random testing and testing for anyone who is experiencing symptoms or was in close contact with someone who tested positive. The SHACC, working with Northwell Health, will also perform contact tracing and provide on-campus quarantine. The university cleaning staff is continuing to frequently clean and sanitize public spaces, classrooms, bathrooms, etc. 

The library and fitness center are open to all Hofstra students with certain restrictions and protocols in place. Most dining options remain open during limited hours, but we still miss Einstein Bagels and a fully functioning Student Center. The dorms continue to have a no guest policy, including people that live in the same building, but the university has provided some common spaces for people to hang out and study with their friends. Even though the big white tents all over campus have been taken down due to the weather, students can still find ways to socialize masked and socially distanced outside or in common spaces around campus.

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Lastly, Hofstra has canceled spring break, so no parties or vacations this year. However, the university realizes that we need breaks during the semester to recharge, so they have given us random Tuesdays and Wednesdays** off which will be… helpful? Nevertheless, Hofstra is doing all it can this semester to keep us safe while trying to allow students some freedom and socialization. These protocols seemed to work last semester, with the university being able to remain open as planned. Hopefully, they are just as successful this semester and fingers crossed that things will go back to normal soon. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy and any questions you have about Hofstra’s safety protocols can be found at the Safe Start website.  

*For all COVID-19 Protocol at Hofstra University information, please visit www.hofstra.edu/safe-start

** To view the Academic Calendar for the Spring 2021 semester, please click here