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Billie Eilish



MY EP "dont smile at me" is OUT wowowow

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Billie Eilish is a 16 year old powerhouse from Los Angeles, California. While she may be young, her voice and artistic talent is far beyond the typical 16 year old. Her debut single “Ocean Eyes” was put on SoundCloud in 2016 for her dance teacher to use for choreography but to Billie’s surprise, the song went viral.

Another huge launch in her career was when her song “Bored” was added to the hit show 13 Reasons Why’s soundtrack. More recently, Billie released her debut EP, Don’t Smile At Me in August 2017. Billie is climbing the charts and is for sure going to be playing on your car radio by this summer.



@connorfranta took dis! listen at 7pm to the lil interview we did on @heardwell radio !

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Listen for yourself and be able to say, “I knew this girl before she was a super star!”


Favorite Tracks

  1. my boy

  2. bellyache



STREAM Billie Eilish’s newest EP: “Don’t Smile At Me” on Spotify here!


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