A College Girl's Guide to Black Friday

Black Friday is normally a crazy time so ideally, you want to be in and out of stores getting the best deals possible. If you're organized then you should be completely fine! Here is my ultimate guide to getting everything you want this Black Friday! (P.S I apologize to anyone that might think this is crazy!) 

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

  • My first tip to you would be to determine what stores you want to shop at for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I say this because a lot of clothing stores will have better deals on Cyber Monday than they will for Black Friday. For example, some stores on Black Friday might have a free blanket or slippers with the purchase of however much whereas Cyber Monday will have 75% off clearance and so on.

Step one of shopping on Black Friday is trying to determine first what I need, and where I can get it for the best price. The ads for stores start coming out towards the end of October and beginning of November for this event and I encourage you to look them over as soon as you can. Start making a list of things that you need because everyone could save a little money and who doesn't like shopping too? 

  • Tip 2: Walmart is definitely the place to go for electronics. The sales start going live at 6 pm Thanksgiving day and they are really great. If you're looking for any type of video console, TV or really any electronic device, I would suggest that you check them out! Best Buy also has somewhat comparable deals and more of a variety but Walmart I think still has the best deals. 

I have shopped at Walmart on Thanksgiving so much now that I actually have a strategy to get everything that I need and be out within a half hour. Think of Coach saying the first 50 people into their store gets a free purse of their choice... that's what Black Friday is like at every single station in Walmart at 6 pm. I tell you this because if you could bring a few friends, your chances of getting everything you want are much higher. 

  • Tip 3: Bring some friends! I at least bring two other people with me and "assign" them to one or two items depending on how close they are together in the store and then I'll take on the bulk myself. I normally do a lot of shopping for my mom because there are a ton of great deals on a number of household things and thankfully I have never not gotten something on her list!

  • Tip 4: NEVER get a cart. You will move so much faster without one. This goes for really all stores too. If you don't use a cart, you can move past people that have one and that just makes being quick so much easier. 

Some stores open up on Thanksgiving day. For example, Rite Aid and CVS both do. Rite Aid has a ton of "buy one get two free" deals this year and that is where I plan on getting my wrapping paper. Obviously, the stores vary because what I need may not be what you need so that is why I encourage you to check out all of the ads you can. I use a site called TheBlackFriday to find all of my deals until they are available from the actual stores. 

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

For shopping on actual Black Friday, things can get a little crazy. Here are my steps to making everything happen smooth: 

  1. Figure out what you need 
  2. Figure out specifically what stores you want to go too
  3. Figure out which time each of these stores open
  4. Plan your trip accordingly. Start with the stores that open earliest first and then move throughout the day. Some stores in malls actually open at midnight in some places so if you would like to be that enthusiastic then go for it! I 

For me, I live out of NY, and things are a little farther to travel to than what they would be here. Some stores open at 4 am some stores open at 5 am and so on. If you plan correctly, you can be there for almost all of the store openings. This year I think I am going to be able to get almost all of my shopping done on Thanksgiving day and then only go to one store on Friday but for others, it's super easy to get everything that you need, you just need to be strategic about it. 

I hope my guide helps you get everything you need on Black Friday and also helps you save some extra money!