Best New Music

With fall right around the corner, it's the perfect time to discover some new songs to blast. Artists are dropping albums left and right, and there are always new singles coming out. Whether you're studying, relaxing, hanging out with friends, or walking to class, these new tracks should definitely be on your playlist. I love coming across different artists or songs, and it helps me branch out of my music comfort zone. Personally, I love Spotify's "browse" section because they create playlists based on the songs you already like, but they also have such a wide variety of genres to pick from. There are SO many new songs out right now, but here are seven of my personal favorites!

                                                                     Photo by Jean on Unsplash

"8 Letters" by Why Don't We

The words in this song are so sweet. It is a little slow but gets more upbeat at the chorus, and it's quite a soothing tune. What's not to love about a boy band singing another cute pop song?

"Want To" by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa certainly knows how to create a bop. "New Rules" and "IDGAF" are iconic songs, and her most recent release can easily fall into the same category. This track is musically different from her previous songs, so I like that she is able to branch out as an artist, while still staying true to her original sound.

"Thunderclouds" by Sia, Diplo, and Labyrinth

This track is so unique. The three artists are so different, yet they stylistically combine their talents to create a fresh and exciting song. I love that they use a cappella elements as well as instruments. If you don't have this track saved, it should definitely be a part of your library.

"Wasted" by Jesse McCartney

Yes, you read that right, childhood heartthrob Jesse McCartney is back with a new song in 2018. If you're a huge fan like me, you can tell it's him as soon as he starts singing, but the non-lyrical parts of the song are so different than what he has previously released. I'm so obsessed with this song because it's so relatable, and I've already had several jam sessions.

"R.E.M" by Ariana Grande

We all know Sweetener is an amazing album, so it's no surprise that this song is a jam. Ariana Grande is a queen of pop, and the lyrics combined with the musicality are on fire. I have this song on repeat already and I'm so happy we have new music from her.

"Tie Me Down" by Griffin ft. Elley Duhe

I would have never found this song if it wasn't for Spotify's top hits playlist. They update the playlist based on the most recent releases so there is constantly something new. The song has a slight Chainsmokers vibe with the electronic aspects, but the lyrics and sound are super original. 

"Shotgun" by George Ezra

I LOVE this song. George Ezra has such a refreshing voice and his music is light, but so much fun. The chorus is extremely catchy and I start dancing every time I hear it. 

These songs are just a fraction of the new music I have saved. I'm always exploring and looking for new artists, genres, or tracks that I can jam to at any time. I listen to music all of the time, and I don't always want to hear the same old thing. Hope you enjoy these new tunes!