Best Instagram Spots on Hofstra’s Campus

No matter what time of year or what the weather, I believe there is never a wrong time for an Instagram photo shoot. When I set out to accomplish this photo shoot there was a little rain so we just grabbed an umbrella and set off to find the best Instagram spots on Hofstra’s campus!

The Trees by Spiegel Theater

The area around Spiegel Theater is probably the prettiest place on Hofstra’s campus. The trees and greenery are gorgeous year-round and it's the perfect place for an Instagram photo no matter the weather.

Hofstra Hall

Hofstra Hall is a cute place for a photo shoot to show some Hofstra pride! Whether it’s outside the hall itself or by the evergreen trees, you are sure to get a cute shot. And when the ground's crew puts in the tulips the whole area is sure to look colorful and springy.

Shapiro Family Hall

The area outside the newest campus building, the Joseph G. Shapiro Family Hall, is great to take cute and creative photos. Since this is a new addition to campus you may not have known that this cute little garden exists.

The Lions by the Adams Play House

This is another way to show school spirit! Grab a quick picture on the Hofstra lion statues to show your pride!


All the Benches

Just about any bench on the Hofstra campus will yield a good picture. There is always going to be some kind of greenery around you to give you a great background to your latest Instagram post!

These five spots are only a few examples of instagramable spots on Hofstra's campus! But really just about anywhere on the campus is a good place to grab a picture with your friends because Hofstra is an arboretum.