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Best Beach Snacks

No one wants to stop tanning, but what happens when you get hungry on the beach? SNACK TIME! Here are some sweet and savory snacks you can have in your bag so you don’t have to worry about losing valuable tan time!

Fresh FruitNothing says summer than a bowl of fresh fruit. It is sweet and juicy, just what you want on a hot summer day. Put your favorite fruit on a skewer so you wont get any sand on that juicy goodness! 

HummusThe best dip there is! It goes with everything and it keeps you full. Bring a bag of pita chips or fresh veggies and you are good to go.

SandwichesThere are so many kinds you can make. You can go classic with peanut butter and jelly, or you can try something new like a pepper and egg sandwich. Just make sure the seagulls don’t get them!

Snack MixYou can get your culinary skills moving with this and make your own. Grab your favorite snacks like pretzels or cereal squares and pair it with something sweet like M &Ms or cranberries.

Granola barsFor a quick fix grab a crunchy granola bar. These are perfect for a light snack in between tanning and swimming. You can find any type you like from salty to sweet! I personally love Kind Bars, especially their Cherry Chocolate!

Pressed JuicesThese are amazing for the summer! They are refreshing and surprisingly filling! Green juices are the way to go if you want a meal replacement, but something like Liquiteria’s Summer Crush is a great liquid snack!    


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