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9 “Hofstra Things” You Can’t Do After College

They say college is the best time of your life, right? Well then, what are you supposed to do when its over?

While you’re fielding questions of post-grad life from relatives and figuring out your transition into the work force or grad school (aka “the real world”) don’t forget to appreciate the little things

In honor of all the Hofstra seniors graduating this December, here are some things to look back on fondly about your college experience—or more specifically, your Hofstra experience! These are the nine “Hofstra” things you can’t do after college.

Go to HU sports games for free

That student discount or Free.99 is about to run out so enjoy it while it lasts. Hofstra does a great job of generating school spirit with free t-shirts, giveaways and revving up the “Lion’s Den” in the Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex for the basketball games. Catch our men’s basketball team in their last game of 2013 on Monday, December 30th at 7 pm when they face off against NJIT here at Hofstra.

Use the Hofstra Fitness Center for free

Speaking of that student discount, the recently renovated Hofstra Fitness Center offers club sports teams, group exercise classes and state of the art workout equipment. And its all free for Hofstra students! Jump into a spin cycle or play some pickup basketball with your friends before you walk across the graduation stage because the reality is, gym memberships do not come cheap on the outside world.

Take Part in All the Perks of Pub Safe

Whether it be a free ride to the train station, opening a door you’re locked out of or just patrolling around campus late night, Hofstra Public Safety keeps our little microcosm safe and secure, sometimes without us even noticing.

Feed the Hofstra Cats

These little kitties are one of the unique staples on our college campus. But once you graduate, coming back to Hofstra just to feed and play with them will officially push you into cat lady territory. Share your last Au Bon Pain bread bowl with them as a way to say good-bye.

Hang out at Kate and Willy’s

When else are you going to be able to stay up past midnight, eating greasy chicken wings and mozzarella stick and starting a “Dance Dance Revolution” competition with your girlfriends?

Pull all-nighters in Hammer Lab

A regular sleep schedule…in your own bed? What’s that?

Count a tulip as one of your own

Hofstra’s campus really blooms in the springtime (pun intended). They plant a tulip for every student, resulting in waves of floral bliss greeting you on your way to class. But if you plan on moving to a big city post grad, the only thing that will greet you on your way to work will be honking horns and dirty concrete.

Participate in Explore Next Door Trips

NYC being less than an hour away is one of Hofstra’s biggest selling points. And the Explore Next Door trips to Yankees games, museums and city attractions come at a little cost to students. Plus, once you and your girlfriends all start working, it’ll be very tricky to coordinate a “play date” at the Bronx Zoo or the MoMA.

Get Finals Week Stress Busters

Even though you’ll have escaped the scrutiny that is “finals week”, you know you’re going to miss the late night breakfast, free massages and puppy therapy that Hofstra offers to help us distress.

Enjoy it while it all lasts, collegiettes and good luck on taking the next step!

A Boston girl living in New York, Sidney is a senior at Hofstra University double majoring in journalism and sociology. She's grown to love interviewing and feature writing after interning at  non-profits, Cosmopolitan Magazine, MTV News and the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. She is the Campus Correspondent of HC Hofstra as well as an active member in the Hofstra Association of Black Journalists, Ed2010 Hofstra and the Society of Collegiate Journalists. She loves dancing with her on-campus team, Imani Dance Ensemble, and has an incurable addiction to shoes, Boston sports teams and Japanese barbeque. Follow Sidney on Twitter, @Sid_Madden!
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