True Life: I’m A Hofstra Kitten



It’s not easy being this cute.

Being a freshman is tough, but trying to type a paper with paws is even tougher. You may have seen my brothers and sisters and I wandering around outside of Bits and Bites. That’s our favorite place to play.


I guess I should give you a little history as to why there have always been some whiskered students on Hofstra’s campus. Kate and Will Hofstra were the founders of Hofstra University and they never had the chance to have human babies. So instead, they had lots and lots of kitten babies, like me! Those kitten babies turned into grown up cats, and those grown up cats are my ancestors.


Mrs. Hofstra liked all kinds of different cats. She had prize-winning felines and average alley cats. She even had a steam-heated structure made specifically for her furry friends! Mrs. Hofstra left 10,000 dollars to Bide-a-wee in her will, along with enough money to care for all 25 of her cats!


Mrs. Hofstra also paid her housekeeper to care for her cats, and built her a home just for that purpose. What a lovely lady! So next time you think about making a “crazy cat lady” joke, you should think again.


Anyways, my brothers and sisters and I are the youngest cats on campus right now. We love getting attention from our human friends, especially when they bring us tuna fish from Lackmann. (Hint, hint!) But please don’t overwhelm us. We are just little guys and sometimes we just want to be left alone. However, if you feel like taking a photo, go for it. It makes us feel famous. *Whisker flick


Some really nice students on Hofstra’s campus started a club called Paw Pals. They do some cool stuff and one of those things is starting a blog in our honor! You guys should check it out at


Well, I guess I’ll see you guys around on the quad.




[Photo Credit: Kurtis Hashimoto]