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8 Ways to Get Your Summer Beach Body

With only a month left in school and the weather changing by the day, it will be summer before we know it, collegiettes. Make sure you’re staying healthy so you can look hot once the weather really heats up!

Change Your Habits

The first step to getting in shape for the summer is changing your eating habits. Revamp your entire diet. Cut out sodas and sugary juices and replace them with lots and lots of H20. Eliminating soda alone has plenty of health benefits including decreasing the risk of cancer, strokes, and even bloating. Consume more natural and organic foods as opposed to processed foods or anything containing pesticides and harmful GMO’s. Not only will eating right help you to reach your goal of having your best summer body, but it will benefit you in the long run as well.

Hit the Gym

Get a gym membership. Make a set schedule and stick to it. At a gym distractions are at a minimum and possibility is all around you. There’s reasonably priced fitness centers all over, not to mention utilizing your FREE on campus gym!

Stay Motivated

The best way to stay motivated is to have a gym buddy to keep you on the right track.

Get Outside

The sun is shining; the snow is gone, so there’s no excuse to not be running. The fresh air can’t hurt after such a long winter stuck inside.

Try Yoga

With the stress of midterms and finals quick approaching, everyone needs a relief. Yoga is perfect for not only stress relief but getting in shape too, mentally and physically.

Set Goals

More importantly, set a reasonable goal. Once you reach that goal, set a higher goal. Fitspo blogs are great inspiration to remind you what you’re looking to achieve.

Ask For Help

Although expensive, getting a personal trainer is very effective. Especially for someone who doesn’t frequently visit the gym and isn’t aware of the best machines to try and the most effective way to shape your body, a personal trainer will teach you exactly what you need to know.

Don’t drink your Calories

I know the bars are great, but something not everyone knows is how many calories are in alcohol. For example, one 7oz long island iced tea can add up to around 780 calories! Cutting back on alcohol consumption and even getting rid of it all together can do wonders for your body.

Coming from a small town in Connecticut, Hailey is a recent graduate of Hofstra University. She spent her time in school working as the Campus Correspondent for the Hofstra chapter of Her Campus where she led the chapter to a pink level status every semester she oversaw the chapter. She also served as the Personnel Director for Marconi Award Winning station WRHU-FM. While holding multiple positions at Hofstra, she was a communications intern at Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, the company that oversees Barclays Center and Nassau Veteran's Memorial Coliseum. 
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