7 Websites to Use to Find Internships and Jobs

Internship season is upon us yet again which means you are probably frantically searching through Google to find internships to apply to for the summer. There are so many ways to find internships now that it can honestly be tough to tell where you are going to get the best options. Here are some awesome websites for media based internships!

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Ed2010 was created for people to easily find magazine internships and jobs in "the real world." They mainly stay on the editorial side but also branch out into social media and other jobs. You can find opportunities that are paid, unpaid, freelance, full-time and part-time on this website. They update it daily to ensure that you have the most up to date information!


The Muse is a different type of internship/job search site. The search part aside, they also give you behind-the-scenes views and personal interviews with employees at big companies that are really making a statement in the world. This may not be perfect for you yet, but you can gain some awesome information about companies that you want to work with in the future.  You can get advice, explore job opportunities and find courses and coaches to help you excel in the workspace and ace those interviews. 


Specifically created for young female professionals, Levo League was founded to give you career advice, job opportunities and more. This website also has its fair share of unique features including Office Hours, which allow you to chat with some really great women who are interested in answering your questions. They also have Q and A's for the people that sign up and have questions to ask. I highly suggest this website because you really can't go wrong asking for advice from some of the top women in the world! 


Mediabistro is specifically for media professionals. You can find a whole laundry list of cool and interesting things that might help you decide which listing is worth your time. You can find specific internships in your area, and filter your search to very specific things such as your level of expertise, function, duration and salary range. 

Her Campus Website

Her Campus, of course, has a really great internship and job site where you can find some really great opportunities. The listings you see are from companies that are specifically looking for collegiettes and even more specifically women! You can find opportunities from Her Campus itself as well as other companies. 


As always, Internships.com is the master of all internships, media-related or not. You can find a variety of different opportunities with the click of a button. They also offer a variety of resources like stories from interns, tips to do better in your interviews and you can even set up a profile and get emails about new jobs that fit your descriptions. They break things down for you a little differently than other websites. You can have them search for you by just telling them your major and where you would like to work. They will then find jobs that might match your profile!

Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in the job world. A lot of times, companies will tweet, Instagram, or even put on LinkedIn that they are looking for a specific intern and to email your resume and clips to a specific person or department. It is so important to follow all your favorite brands and companies on social media to make sure that you are up to date on any of their information. Some companies also have specific profiles for job-related news, questions, and inquires. 

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By now, you should be an expert in all the great websites there are out there that will help you find internships! Keep in mind, you can always talk to your friends, professors, and your mentors on opportunities they might know of. Good luck on your journey!