7 Vegan Treats to Make for the Holidays

After family, I consider baked goods to be the most important part about the holiday season. No Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even Winter Solstice celebration is complete if it's not accompanied by something sweet, no matter what diet you follow. Luckily, you don't need any animal products to bake something festive, and there are actually lots of vegan dessert recipes out there. These 7 recipes are the perfect treats to kick off your holiday season, without compromising the vegan lifestyle!

  1. 1. Gingerbread Men

    A tried and true classic. Nothing quite says "happy holidays" like these little guys, and thankfully someone has figured how to make them a part of your vegan holiday. Hopefully you're better at the decorating aspect than I am. 

  2. 3. Iced Shortbread Cookies

    Remember those cookies you would get in the supermarket as a kid that blew any fancy baked good out of the water? Here's your grown-up holiday version. These iced shortbread cookies are the perfect nostalgic treat to add to your holiday lineup, and the healthier vegan ingredients might save you from the inevitable stomach-ache that accompanied the store bought ones. 

  3. 5. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

    Chocolate and peanut butter are a sacred combination, making these cookies an obvious choice for the holiday season. What's even better, is that this recipe is crafted with a minimalist approach, making them easy to make when you've got that last minute party or cookie exchange to attend. 

  4. 6. Chai Cheescake

    This one's for all of you who like a something a twist on a traditional. The cheescake base is a crowd favorite, while the tea adds the perfect warm and cozy flavor to pair with the cold weather. My tip: make the recipe in little dessert cups for a more convenient, bite-sized version! 

  5. 7. Hot Chocolate

    The last, but certainly not least item on the list. It's not really the holiday season if you haven't indulged in a cup of cocoa and sat by a fireplace, and that's just how it works. This hot chocolate recipe will allow you to indulge in the classic drink, and Santa will certainly appreciate the break from dairy. 

No matter what diet you follow, you deserve to have all of the desserts during your holiday season. By making these recipes you'll be the most thoughtful friend for providing options for those you love who might be limited in what they can eat this time of year. Who knows, you might just love them so much yourself that they become a year round staple.