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7 Trends from the 90s That are Totally Back in Style

Ah, the ’90s. A time filled with Tamagotchi, flip phones, The Spice Girls, and enough fashion trends to last a lifetime.  Many of these trends were left in the ’90s but there are some that have made a glorious comeback into 2019. Here’s the rundown on the ’90s trends you should totally be wearing. Long live the ’90s!

  Mom jeans (extra points if they’re cuffed at the bottom)

It’s hard to believe these jeans ever went out of style, especially considering how popular they are today. Who doesn’t love a good high waisted, relaxed pair of jeans that is super flattering on every body type? These jeans are both versatile and comfortable. They worked in the ’90s and they for sure work now as well!


Scrunchies. They’re perfect outfit completer and cute little accessory that comes in all colors and patterns. They were extremely popular in the 90s and just as popular now! Adding a scrunchie to your look is a low cost and fashion forwards way to add an on trend accessory to any outfit. It’s also a comfortable alternative to a generic hair tie that won’t hurt your hair (yay!).

 Belt Bags (aka Fanny Packs)

This one could be seen as an unexpected trend to resurface in 2019, but fanny packs have come back stronger than ever and with a new title (enter “the belt bag”). Major luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci have joined the movement, creating belt bags in their signature patterns. These bags are worn the traditional way, around the waist, but have also started being worn over one shoulder in cross-body form. They’re a compact, hands-free and fashionable way to store all your necessities.

Crop tops

Crop tops were very versatile in the ’90s, ranging from grunge looks to more sporty outfits. Britney Spears loved a good crop top in the ’90s (the “Baby One More Time” music video and Oops I Did it Again album cover are just a few of the iconic crop top fashion moments from Britney) and it’s clear as to why! They are perfect for a casual look or a party and have made a comeback in a huge way this past decade. They also look great paired with some other trends from this list, such as high waisted mom jeans and a cute little scrunchie!

Colored Sunglasses

The ’90s marked the rise of the colored glasses trend and at this time, they came in all shapes and sizes. They have made a surprising comeback in the last year with numerous social influencers rocking this ’90s trend. These glasses are an adorable retro moment that completes any outfit with a ’90s vibe. Are they protective against the sun? Not necessarily. Do they work with almost any casual outfit and look super cute? Absolutely.

Hoop Earrings

These earrings never fully went out of style, but they have recently become extremely popular. Hoops of all sizes are super trendy today and they were equally so over 20 years ago. They have been spotted on a multitude of celebrities and are now all over store racks, just like they were in the 1990s. The hoop earring is an iconic fashion look that deserves its place among the trends of 2019!

Chunky Heels

A comfortable and fashionable heel is what the world needed, and that’s exactly what it got with these super versatile and fashion-forward shoes. This wider heel is more comfortable than a thin stiletto style heel. They have recently been seen on nearly every type of heeled shoe, from pumps to booties. No more aching feet from walking hours in uncomfortable shoes. Much thanks to the ’90s for this one!

Can’t you picture it? A cute pair of high waisted mom jeans with a crop top and chunky heeled booties? Add a belt bag, colored glasses and tie your hair up with a perfectly matching scrunchie. Sounds like the perfect outfit for a casual day or a night out with friends. Are you ready to embrace these trends and carry them into 2019 and beyond? What are you waiting for? The ’90s are calling!

Emily Hughes

Hofstra '22

Emily is a freshman civil engineering major with a double minor in mathematics and sustainability studies. She is also the Pinterest editor for Her Campus Hofstra. Some of her passions in life include spontaneous adventures in New York City and ice cream.
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