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6 Internship Resources Every Collegiette Needs

Finding the perfect internship as a college student can be daunting. When professors and alumni constantly stress the importance of finding the best internships in your short four years of college, it may feel impossible to locate the greatest opportunities out there. But with these resources, finding an internship doesn’t have to be so hard or scary. Interning will give you some of the best hands-on experience you can get while in college. If the internship search has you feeling confused, lost, stressed, or all of the above, these resources will be the answers to all of your questions. 



Indeed is one of the best, if not the most well-known job resource on the internet. You can refine your search to the city you want to work in, the type of job you want, and even what position you’re looking for. Indeed also lets you upload your resume to the site so that potential employers can find you. Indeed will also associate your account with the keywords you search the most and will send you curated lists of job listings that match your frequent searches. If you’re new to the internship search, Indeed may be overwhelming at first, but it has so many listings that it’s unlikely you won’t find at least one internship that peaks your interest.



For girls who dream of writing for a magazine or media company, Ed2010 will be your holy grail during the internship search. This website has listings for everything from paid and unpaid internships to full-time and freelance jobs. Once prime internship application season rolls around, the job listings are updated daily, if not multiple times a day. The website also has blog posts that answer basic internship questions you may have, from how to perfect your cover letter to giving you tips to nail your in-person interview. The layout is simple and easy to understand and the Ed2010 team does a great job of breaking down everything you need to know to be the best intern you can be.


Her Campus

Did you know Her Camus has a job and internship listing board? They also have a bi-weekly newsletter and social media accounts dedicated to curating the best jobs for collegiettes—from PR and digital media to business, and everything in between. They give you all the information you need to know, from the basic job description to contact information and links to more specific job information. Her Campus makes the internship search as easy and stress-free as possible. What’s better than getting job listings sent right to your inbox? All the hard work is done for you!


Social Media

Use your favorite social media sites to your advantage! Personally speaking, social media has gotten me the two internships I’ve had so far. In fact, both came from Twitter! Employers can and often will use social media to their advantage. When it comes to finding interns, companies want to hire people who genuinely care about the brand and by following them on social media, you’ve already got a head start. Follow the people and brands you love, from your favorite skincare line to the Editor in Chief of your dream job that you think is #allthegoals. You never know when they’ll tweet or post on their Instagram story that they’re looking for an intern or hiring for a new position. If you show them that you’re a dedicated follower, you’ll stand out in the interview pool which will increase your chances to get your dream internship.



If you’ve been neglecting your LinkedIn page, now’s the time to revamp it. Even though it may feel like one more online profile you have to worry about, employers still regularly use the site to find their next employees – and that could be you! Make sure your headshot is current, keep your information up-to-date, and share some articles every once in a while. Keeping an active profile makes you more attractive to employers. And if they stalk your profile once you’ve applied for an internship, they’ll be impressed by the initiative you take to keep your profile current. Don’t be afraid to connect with professionals you meet to expand your network because you never know who could be the one to get you your dream job.


Your friends (no…really!)

Your friends are some of your best resources! Unlike a website, you can talk to your friends who have internship experience and hear their personal stories. They can tell you their favorite employer and their least favorite location and what kind of tasks they do on a day-to-day basis. They can give you relevant advice to your field of interest and connect you with their connections they’ve made at their past jobs– this is networking at its core! No matter how detailed an email list or website is, nothing will be as personal as your own friends. Don’t be afraid to help each other out during the internship search process. That’s what friends are for!


Finding your first internship can feel scary and confusing but it doesn’t have to be. With these resources and a little extra side hustle, you’ll have your dream internship in no time! 

Sarah Hanlon is a senior at Hofstra University where she is pursuing a major in journalism. She almost always has an iced coffee in her hand, and she's an avid lover of online shopping, reality TV, and New York City. When she’s not researching all things Kate Middleton or reading lifestyle blogs, you can find her binge watching The Bachelor or writing about the latest pop culture, fashion and beauty trends. After college, she hopes to make a career out of her love for TV and style in New York. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram: sarahhanlon_.
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