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When I was a shy freshman, I thought Greek Life at Hofstra would be as it stereotypically appeared in the movies, but I quickly learned that it was quite the opposite. Hofstra Greek Life is a close-knit community where everybody seemingly knows everybody. The more I learned about it, the more I wanted to be a part of it, and two years later, I can confidently say that taking that leap of faith and going out for recruitment was one of the best decisions I’ve made at Hofstra. So, here are the five reasons why I decided to go Greek!

Making New Friends

Who doesn’t want to make friends? Recruitment is perfect for finding people you can truly be yourself around. When you’re in a Greek organization, you will find yourself constantly interacting with new people. Whether it be members of your organization, members of other organizations in the Greek community, or potential new members looking to go out for recruitment, you are bound to find somebody who shares your values.

Leadership Opportunities

There are always leadership opportunities in Greek organizations. I held many positions in high school and wanted the same in college. Greek life provides ample opportunity to step up as a leader, both big and small. My leadership roles in my sorority taught me essential skills that I will bring with me into my career once I graduate.

Community Service Opportunities

Every greek organization has at least one philanthropy they support. I have always loved helping my community and doing something meaningful for others, and I have had many opportunities to attend events to raise money for various foundations throughout the greek community. Hofstra greek life also provides local community service opportunities through activities like sandwich-making for the less fortunate and beach cleanups.

The Sisterhood Bond

In high school, I was heavily involved in a close-knit dance company, where we truly acted like sisters. I found myself missing that bond a lot in college, and greek life was able to give me that back! I know now that I have so many strong women supporting me through my college career and beyond. You always have somebody to turn to.

Finding a Balance Between School and Social Life

As somebody who has always valued academics above all else, I was concerned that going out for recruitment would hinder my grades, but it never did. Being in Greek Life taught me time management and how to balance school with social life very well. Your sisters want you to succeed!

I believe that joining Greek Life at Hofstra truly changed my life for the better. I know I always have a support system behind me while I learn valuable skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Even if you are hesitant, you never know if something will work out for you unless you take that leap of faith!

Megan is a junior at Hofstra University, where she is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Publishing Studies. In her free time, if she ever finds any, Megan can typically be found on a beach drive to Robert Moses State Park, hanging out with her friends, or of course, listening to one of her many Spotify playlists.
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