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5 Post Thanksgiving Workouts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Okay, so you had one too many pieces of pumpkin pie… DON’T WORRY!

Here are 5 workouts that are sure to burn away all of those Thanksgiving treats. 

Photo Credit: Popsugar.com


Targets: Your butt and back

Step 1: Lie face down on yoga mat

Step 2: Extend arms above your head in front of you

Step 3: Lift your arms and legs while trying to keep them as straight as possible

Step 4: Hold for 5-10 seconds, release, and repeat.


Photo Credit: Shape.com


Targets: Your gluteus

Step 1: Lay down on yoga mat on your back with your hands to your sides

Step 2: Bend your legs and place your feet about shoulder width apart

Step 3: Lift your back off the floor while trying to create a straight line from your knees to your head

Step 4: Lower your back towards the floor and repeat


Photo Credit: Gethealthyu


Targets: Shoulders, arms, chest, back, abdominal, lower back

Step 1: Begin in plank position, and try to make an even diagonal line from your head to your feet

Step 2: Pull your knee into your chest

Step 3: Quickly switch knees and pull into chest again

Step 4: Repeat switching knees as the exercise becomes a fast-paced “run”


Photo Credit: Health.com


Targets: Abdominal muscles

Step 1: Lay down on yoga mat on your back with your arms extended like a “T”

Step 2: Lift your legs towards the ceiling but make sure they stay right above hips

Step 3: Slowly bring your legs from the right side to the left, repeat


Photo Credit: Prevention.com 


Targets: Gluteus

Step 1: stand tall with feet together pointing forwards

Step 2: squat low as if trying to sit in a chair

Step 3: as you straighten, extend your left leg behind you and squeeze butt (repeat with right leg)


Take these simple 5 exercises and say goodbye to that Thanksgiving food pouch.