5 Pairs of Blue Light Glasses You Can Buy For Under $40

We all live off of technology; especially as college students. From writing a paper to scrolling through Instagram, we’re constantly on our laptops and phones. While this has made life efficient and accessible, it can actually be detrimental to the eyes. The “blue light” emitted from screens is quite harmful to your eyes. It can cause blurry vision, headaches and trouble sleeping. It’s terrifying, I know. But, don’t worry, there’s a solution! Companies have recently started making Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These glasses defer the light from the screens away from your eyes, protecting them and increasing quality of vision and life! As a college student, especially now that school is online (I am sick of staring at my computer!), everyone should consider purchasing a pair. Here are some companies that are cute and affordable.

  1. 1. Blue Light Glasses Company

    This company sells stylish glasses starting at only $25. They’re currently offering free shipping and have many styles and sizes to choose from! Go to bluelightglassescompany.com and take a look!

  2. 2. EOM

    This company is more on the expensive end. However, there are plenty of cute options under $40. There are many options to choose from and free shipping for orders $50 or more. Head over to shopeom.com and check it out!

  3. 3. Glances Eyewear

    Although this company has some expensive options, there are many pieces that are on the lower price range. They are currently having a sale, so take a look! Go check out glanceseyewear.com.

  4. 4. Blue Light Mentality

    This company is incredibly affordable and chic. They are currently cutting prices like crazy! Go check out bluelightmentality.com and take a peek and all they’re offering.

  5. 5. Blue Eyez

    Now this company is normally quite expensive. However, they are currently having insane deals! With prices starting at $20 and free shipping, now is the perfect time to make a purchase. Head over to blueeyez.co and check it out!

With all that is going on with COVID-19 and literally living life online, now is the perfect time to purchase a pair for yourself! There are also some incredible deals to take advantage of. Your life will be changed! You’ll experience better vision, a clear mind and just an overall better mood. Blue light blocking glasses have changed my life and I recommend every college student purchases a pair!