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4 Steps to Fight Mid-Semester Blues

With another great Fall Fest over and syllabus week seeming like a distant memory, that means there’s only one thing in our future, Hofstra collegiettes… MIDTERMS!

Mid-semester is plagued with all nighters, group projects and work overload. But don’t worry, you got this! Use these steps to stay happy, focused and fight the mid-semester blues. 

Step 1: Buy a planner/diary of some sort

The Hofstra Bookstore is filled with an endless selection of cool-looking planners and diaries. It’s really important to write down your schedule and keep yourself organized, this way you can wake up every day with a clear mind of how you can proceed for the day. Even though we’ve got our cell phones, like the saying goes, “when you write, you remember.” And it always helps to keep a planner in your tote bag to keep you in check!

Step 2: Get involved on campus

You may not think you have time, but this is a great opportunity to be apart of your campus! And its never too late to join. Getting involved will allow you to de-stress by doing what you love and make new friends in the process.  Check on the Hofstra Portal for news and announcements about events going on around campus. Being involved is what makes your college experience a lot more interesting than just going to class and returning to your car/dorm room!

Step 3: Write a list of goals

Writing a list of goals is always important because it puts our semester in perspective. Start out with two lists: long-term goals and short-term goals. Long-term goals meaning, maybe landing that job interview at the end of the semester. Short-term goals may include: studying more, or even making the time to go to the gym after class. It’s a perfect way to keep yourself motivated all year long. Hang this list in your bedroom/dorm room this way it can serve as a friendly reminder of what you’d like to achieve. Maybe you can even let your friends in on it and they can join your quest to success as well!

Step 4: Think Positive!

As the workload piles up, we can sometimes find ourselves down in the dumps, feeling really lost in the shuffle of studying and finishing papers and projects. Take the time during the day to just breathe. If you follow these steps to stay organized, things won’t seem as bad. This could be a good time to make a change health wise, getting more active at the gym or take part in a yoga class to keep your mind at ease. The Fitness Center is always posting group fitness class times that you can attend to help make this the best semester of your life. So stay positive, and go get ‘em!

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