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4 Spring Break Must-Haves

The countdown is down to single digits and Spring Break is nearly here! 

You’ve been planning for your big getaway trip for months and now it’s time to start packing up.  There are a ton of necessary items you need to pack with you. Here’s a list of some must have items you don’t want to forget to bring along with you to ensure Spring Break 2014 is the best one yet.


First things first, assuming you’re going somewhere warm and tropical you cannot forget to pack your favorite swimsuit and cute cover up.  If you’re going to be spending all day lounging around the pool or at the beach these both are a must!

Beach Bag

Along with your favorite suit don’t forget to pack a beach bag filled with your favorite beach necessities such as; sunglasses, a hat, a book, and most importantly sunscreen.  Before you go frolicking around in the ocean, make sure to lather on the sunblock to protect your skin from the suns strong UV rays.

Waterproof Phone Case

If you want to take pictures at the pool and beach but are nervous you’re going to ruin your smartphone, invest in a good waterproof phone case.  One of my favorites is the “Lifeproof” phone cases which allow you to take fun pictures almost anywhere, even underwater!  This would definitely be something good to have while traveling, especially on spring break.

BFF and Camera

Well, you really can’t pack these.  But what’s a better way to make memories on spring break than with you best friend by your side.  To capture these moment you cannot forget a camera! Even if you use your iPhone cameras are a necessity when traveling.  It will be great to look back and remember all the fun times and experiences you had!


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