11 Low Key Ways to Improve your Life

Somehow, it’s already April, and it’s already close to the end of the semester. Life is going by so quickly that it’s getting hard to balance everything, while simultaneously remaining happy. But today is the day to learn 11 low key ways to improve your life:

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Declutter your phone

I don’t know about you, but the second I open email or screenshot folder on my phone I get instant stress. Dedicate even an hour of your day to clear out the folders that stress you out the most. Even when the little clutters are out of the way, it makes a big difference.

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Make playlists for different moods

Put that Spotify account to good use. Having different playlists for every occasion or mood just makes it all feel like a solid romantic comedy- who doesn’t want that? Hint: check out our community playlist on Spotify (@hchofstra) and get your morning started on a high note with our Pick-Me-Up playlist

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I know, everyone says to meditate, but it's for good reason. Taking even ten minutes out of your day to just relax, put on some calming noises, and breathe. Now don’t worry, you won’t have to do it alone, the internet, yet again, has our backs on this with some cool apps:

  • Calm: for those sweet, relaxing noises we all need to unwind
  • Headspace: start out with a personalized quiz to see why you need to meditate, this app helps bring you peace at the most convenient times
  • Stop, Breathe, and Think: with a variety of meditations, there’s no excuse to not meditate when you have this app

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Download self-help apps

Yes, we’re downloading more apps (after you declutter the ones you don’t need). Everyone needs a little pep talk every now and then, and everyone needs self-love. So why not start your day with some daily reminders and gratitude?

  • ThinkUp: a completely personalized self-help experience with music, unique phrases, and recordings to help you get to a happier life.
  • InnerHour: this is your personal tracker that you’ve always needed. From a unique test to take, it’ll generate daily goals and tasks with positive affirmations to keep your days running smoothly.
  • My Affirmations: if you’re the person who needs phrases and beautiful images to wake yourself up to or to get through that boring meeting- then download this app.

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Learn something new every week

It-s not as hard as you think, just try a new hobby every week. I’m not saying be the next Serena Williams or Jane Goodall in a week, just start to find more hobbies that make you happy. Here’s what you can do:

  • Learn a language
  • Start a physical activity like hiking, running, basketball
  • Do some art no one normally does like crochet, watercolors, making graphics
  • Start a blog about something you love
  • Find new music
  • Start an instrument like piano and ukulele


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Spoil yourself

There's nothing wrong with buying that decadent cake you keep eyeing or going on a shopping spree with your girl gang. Whatever makes you feel like a queen, just do it and don’t feel guilty about doing it after a long week.

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Go Out

Getting out of bed at all is an accomplishment, so I understand that going out at all to a new place is terrifying at times. But even an hour exploring can change your whole mindset, whether you’re into nature or the large buildings in the city- find a new place to go to.

  • Headout: need to be spontaneous but on a budget? This app has both events in your city from the coolest plays to the poshest restaurants- and al the deals you need to snag them.

Watch Ted Talks or podcasts

There’s a reason why there’s so many- they’re inspiring. No matter what you’re going through or feeling- there’s always someone else who's gone through it. So search through the TED TALKS and podcasts- you’re bound to find something to help bring clarity to a problem you have.

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Practice grounding techniques

Anxiety, the word we all hate and the feeling we truly fear. To improve your life, you need to combat what you’re fearing. But here are some ways to combat it when you’re in the middle of class:

  • Grounding: touch 5 things, see 4 things, hear 3 things, smell 2 things, and taste 1 thing
  • Rub your temples, close your eyes, and focus on the sounds around you
  • Pinch yourself and repeat “The worst part about an anxiety attack is anxiety itself.”

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Write a goal list

You don’t have to tackle everything in one day, even if some days it seems like that’s what you should do. Remember that things take time and that you need to take it day by day.

Write down:

  • 3 most important things that you HAVE to get done
  • 5 medium important things that’d relieve stress if you do them
  • 10 small things to get done
  • Download the Remente app- need to put your focus back and relax? Need to focus on your goals and work hard without constant stress? The Remente app is exactly what any anxiety filled college student needs to get through the slump.

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Clean out your closet

Some quick cash for your new weekly outings can be made through selling clothes you don’t need or books you don’t read- anything that can give you more cash. Yes, money isn’t the key to happiness, but having a little bit of change never hurt anybody.

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Even small changes can make a huge difference in your life. Just change your mindset on what can happen, try new things, and you’ll see how quickly life can seem less stressful again.