10 Reasons Why Interning At A Magazine Is The Best


I’ve had the absolute pleasure to intern at multiple magazine publications, and let me tell you, it is just as awesome as you’d always dreamt it to be. Here are a few reasons why you should put yourself out there and apply for that dream magazine internship!

1. You will meet amazingly talented people.

Whether you are working at a small start up magazine or a big name publication, you will meet extremely talented writers, artists, and editors. Everyone that you meet has a story – ask about it!

2. The occasional celeb sighting

One time at my Cosmopolitan internship, I walked in the office after running an errand and almost photo-bombed a picture of Snooki. I had no idea she was going to be in the office! Sometimes it’s hard not to freak when you see someone cool, especially if it’s a celeb that you are particularly fond of. But try to keep a cool head and act professional.

3. Working with some of the Most Stylish People Ever

You would think it was a prerequisite to dress extremely fashionable to work in the magazine industry. If you are interested in style trends, you can literally just people-watch in the cafeteria to find out what the current “in” style is.

4. You can network literally everywhere.

Elevator? In the salad line? Make friends with everyone. You never know, the person you made small talk with about the weather could end up hiring you someday.

5. Freebies, freebies, and MORE freebies.

I’m talking makeup, clothes, bags. Companies are constantly sending samples to magazine editors and a lot of times interns get to go through the piles of stuff and choose what they want to take. One time I was told to “just clean off the freebie table – take what you want or throw it away.” Let’s just say, I now have enough hair products to last me a LONG time.

6. Every day is like a slumber party at work – you get to gossip with a whole bunch of girls!

At my current internship at The Knot, it’s all about which celebs are getting married and who wore the best dress. At Cosmopolitan, it was totally normal for someone to shout across the room about a sex position. How many offices can you do that in?

7. You will always know the latest in news – even if it’s just which celeb posted the latest scandalous Instagram pic.

Yes James Franco, we’re talking about you. No but really, you will be extremely educated in current news and views. At The Knot I am constantly being updated on same sex marriage laws and at Cosmo I transcribed an interview with a senator about women in the workplace. So cool.

8. Endless sweets and cupcakes. Literally every day.


I have said it once, and I’ll say it again. I will never understand how magazine girls are SO TINY. There is a tray of cupcakes or cookies or other treats being sent to the office every day. If you have a sweet tooth, and are trying to eat healthy, God bless.

9. You will learn so much about yourself and your work.

You will learn patience, find your voice in your writing, and learn how to develop a thicker skin. The magazine industry is a tough industry to be in, but you overcome the obstacles to get to where you want to be. Don’t take advantage of any opportunity at your internship – take it all in and absorb as much as you possibly can from your experience.

10. You get to wear leather pants to work, if you so please.

Seriously. Or a tulle skirt. Or leather-skin stilettos. The fashion opportunities are endless. Byeeeeee stiff pantsuit, see ya never.