10 Poetry Novels you Need to Read Now

In 2018, it seems like poetry novels are on the rise once more - and we’re thrilled about it. But with any fellow bibliophile, you need to know the amazing novels hidden amongst the bookshelves. From poetry about love to loss, from body hair to mental health - these 10 novels will cover it all:


Love Her Wild by Atticus


The whole concept of adventurous, mystical love is wrapped in a novel that perfectly captures all that love feels like. Some are short and bold. Some are complex and intense, but all of them show what it’s like to be young and in love. This novel is not just about love, it's everything surrounding life in just a verse.


Our Numbered Days by Neil Hilborn


After Hilborn’s ‘OCD’ slam poetry video went viral, his novel is a must-have for your poetry collection. He compiles poems from life’s little moments, to the feelings you won't admit, to the tortures of life you don’t want to talk about most of the time. The key words to describe this masterpiece are vulnerable and prevailing.


Peluda by Melissa Lozada-Oliva


As soon as you read the first poem in Peluda, you’ll fall in love with Lozada-Oliva’s poetry style. She ranges from an array of emotions, narratives, and subjects about not being perfect according to society’s standards, what beauty is, femininity, feminism topics, body hair, immigration, and intersectionality. Her blunt voice gives the public the truth and perspective we needed, all in poetry verses.


New American Best Friend by Olivia Gatwood


Her style is everchanging between honest, empowering, and too true that you hold back tears while you’re reading her work. She embraces life with all that happens within it, and brings us along with her. Any feminist, including myself, will easily fall in love with not only her work but her work outside writing with workshops on feminism, helping women’s shelters and so on.


Fake Deep by Jessica Universe


Instagram star Jessica Universe does more than post pretty, absolute goal-worthy pictures. She writes kickass poetry. Throughout her novel is spunky, truthful prose with everything about growing up in life nowadays. With a simplistic, gritted attitude about love, yourself, and chasing your dreams, Universe talks about it all in a new, relatable way.


Flux by Orion Carloto


In life, we all need to know that someone else is feeling the same as we are, especially in the love department. After reading Carloto’s novel, Flux, it’s clear love comes in many forms and in ways we don’t expect. Throughout her novel, she shows the happy moments, the sad moments, the ones you didn’t expect, and everything in between. For the love loran to the fiercely independent, Flux is the novel that needs to be on your wish list.


She is a wolf by Leya Noir


After following Leya Noir’s work on Instagram for nearly a year, she constantly takes you on a journey through your emotions and her novel is no different. She takes you on an ongoing road of pain, love, discovery, and recovery through the pitfalls of life, and writes about the feelings you didn’t even know you had. Her words almost comfort you, as if you’re not alone through the pain you’re facing. She's a new poet on the rise, but one I’m sure will stick around.


In the absence of the sun by emily curtis


In the still of the night, some of us are faced with our thoughts when the beautiful release of sleep won’t take us. Our thoughts at 3 am are more terrifying than we think at first, and Curtis’s novel perfectly captures it. Insomnia stems a whirlwind of thoughts, all of which this novel will show in a fresh, haunting manner.


Lovely seeds by R.H. Swaney


Sometimes, all you need is someone to tell you that you’ll be alright, and R.H. Swaney’s words are the hug you needed after a long day. Though his novel’s ordering window is short sometimes, his soothing words about mental health, self-love, and self-exploration are worth the wait.


Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell


LGBT writer and badass woman Courtney Peppernell’s novel, Pillow Thoughts is the novel we’ve all been waiting for. It’s like the wise friend we always need in a time of crisis wrapped in a novel that leaves you constantly wanting more. (Pssst: her sequel is rumored to be released this year, so keep your eyes open!) This raw prose and wide array of emotions will instantly make this your most read novel on your bookshelf.


Now, this is just a fraction of how many poetry novels there are in the world, just explore your Barnes and Nobel (or Instagram feed) for the best of the best. It’s never too late to get into the new poetry scene, so cry your eyes out or laugh your butt off to any poem you can find.


Cover Photo by Pexels